A Blog Redecoration!

Hello, and welcome to the refurbished writingonthecitadel!

Doesn’t it look marvellous? Please, look around! Explore! Awe at the blog’s sophistication and beauty! …Click on things!


So, after two years (and four months) I have finally got round to renovating my beloved blog! Though I have posted regularly throughout that time, I must admit I’ve been somewhat lazy with regards to basic blog maintenance.  Really, this upheaval was long overdue. But hey, I’ve done it now, and doesn’t it look good?

That isn’t to say, however, that the appearance is the only thing I have improved. As well as changing the theme and updating the older, forgotten sections of my blog, I’ve also worked on making everything more accessible to you, the reader (please, start clicking!).

What have I done? Well, let me tell you!

  • New Theme! I have wanted to change WOTC’s old theme for a while, but never found a new one that I really liked. It was only when I created morephotographyonthecitadel did I find one that really appealed. Using MPOTC as a test, I was able to see if the theme would work for me. Not only did I think it look better, I found it easier to use and easier to navigate than the theme I used to have on this blog.  I hope you agree.
  • New Header! Okay, it is from the same trip to Lake Superior in 2011, but it is different from before and therefore new!
  • New Sidebars! This theme has two sidebars, and I’m using both of them! I’ve smarted up the widgets too.
  • New Gravatar! My picture is no longer three years old! No idea why I didn’t change it sooner. Ah well, I have now. New blog face, new Gravatar face.
  • Updated Categories! My categories have been unorganized for a long time so I’ve finally sorted them out. A few categories have been deleted, while others have merged into parent folders. To help archive exploring, I’m also in the process of re-categorizing old blog posts.
  • Updated Pages! About page and the Purebloods page have been amended.

And I think that is about it. I hope you like the changes.


P.S. Wedding blog will be coming shortly; I need to create a new photography blog first. I’ll keep you posted.




We Interrupt This Broadcast…

Originally posted on More Photography On The Citadel:

As our photographer is doing a proper job with our photos (not just doing a quick contrast change like I would…I suppose that’s why I’m not a professional), I didn’t get the disk yesterday. I gave it a day – it was worth a try – but it is time to move on and blog about the wedding, albeit without pictures.


But wait! Fortunately, I have been able to get a link to the wedding album, and though they aren’t polished up, some of the pictures will be good enough to use for a wedding post! I can go ahead as planned. Awesome, right?

But wait! Something more important than marriage and the wedding and true love has turned up! LOOK AT THIS PEOPLE!

Now Vanna’s gone to work and I have all morning with the TV! Hmm…what to do, what to do? Oh yeah…Xbox it is!

Sorry folks, …

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The Wedding Day (A Preview!)

Originally posted on More Photography On The Citadel:

Good news: we’ve heard back from the photographer! Yesterday evening Alex (photographer Alex, not me) messaged Vanna asking her (well us) to choose our 20 favourite pictures, which she will then professionally edit. So they’re not quite ready yet…but almost there!

Now the next part of our honeymoon week, of course, is the wedding day.  But before I start talking about the wedding, I want to have the finished pictures from the photographer. That way I can use the photos to help capture the memories of our special day.  And I reckon that a combination of my words and the photos together will make for a much nicer blog than just my words.

So that’s my plan. Giving how impatient I am, I may just end up blogging sans photos (and then add them in later), but for now I’m going to wait until Alex gets back to us before…

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The Most Expensive Teddy I’ve Ever (Unintentionally) Bought

Originally posted on More Photography On The Citadel:

Our wedding week began the Friday before last, when we headed down to the cities in preparation for Saturday’s ceremony.

It was a long drive (sorry no pictures as I was driving) and I think both of us were feeling the nerves. My main concern was the ceremony; I wanted it to be exactly what Vanna wanted it…that was all that mattered to me. Would the weather be right? (forecast kept changing, and rarely looked good) Would everything come together in time? (everything was being brought to the park by different people) Would our officiant, Diane, get there okay? (she was flying in that day)

As for Vanna…who knows what she was thinking? Maybe she had the same concerns, or maybe she was looking at me as I complained about something incredibly banal for ten minutes (I repeat myself a lot) wondering if she’d…

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There Is Now A Ring On My Finger…

Originally posted on More Photography On The Citadel:

Hello all! We (Vanna and I…the newlyweds!) are back from our honeymoon week…sadly. The Bests (that’s us!) had a fantastic 7 days (a rather eventful time as you can imagine), but all good things have to end eventually, don’t they? Today, Vanna is working until evening while I stay at home, lie in bed and watch the football. We both have to put on a brave face. Tough times.

So yes, I had a lovely honeymoon week with the wifey (her new name). Lots for the blog to catch up with (loads and loads of pictures, plus all the stories!), but I’ll do my best to get you up to date this week.

To be honest, I don’t think it has registered with me yet; our wedding day (the Best and best day!), the weekend in the cities (the hotel!), our honeymoon trip up north (which was an adventure)…it’s been…

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57 Hours And Counting…

Almost time, people, almost time. In two days Vanna and I will be getting married. The first chapter of our future. I still don’t think it has sunk in. I doubt it will until I’m waiting for Vanna to join me by the officiant. Very excited. Very nervous. As always.

What’s the plan from here? Well, tonight will involve a lot of packing. And panicking. We’re setting off early Friday morning (like really early…before 9am!) for the cities so this evening we have to make sure we have everything we need for the Big Day. We also have a few loose ends to tie up; my wedding ring needs to be picked up, and Vanna still needs to buy shoes. Otherwise we’re ready. Will that stop us from fretting tonight and tomorrow morning? Probably not.

Once we’re in the cities, we’ll check into our hotel and…chill out, I suppose. I’m not sure the plan for Friday. Resist the urge to flee? I don’t know.

Saturday morning at about this time (10am) I’ll have to leave the hotel so Vanna can get dressed and prepped. I’ll be doing the same at my base of operations, aka, Vanna’s grandparents. From there I’ll probably help get our spot at Phalen Park ready for the ceremony (arrange the chairs and decorations), and once that is sorted, meet up with Vanna and the photographer for the wedding photos.

Hopefully everything will happen without too many problems. Our main concern, as I referred to yesterday, is the weather. However, the latest forecasts show Friday and Sunday will be stormy…but Saturday (the only day that matters) will be sunny! Fingers crossed it stays like that.

Right, I suppose I should go. Understandably, I won’t be blogging tomorrow (I’ll be leaving too early for that, sorry) or this weekend. As for next week? Well, it is our honeymoon, and though we don’t have solid plans just yet (we’re thinking about going up to the boundary waters; the origins of the Mississippi river in Northern Minnesota), I don’t think I’ll be on my computer much (except for the Chelsea game on Monday; Premier League starts up this weekend, and I’m not going to miss my team playing!). So you might not hear from me until, I don’t know, next weekend? Something like that.

So yeah, maybe next Saturday/Sunday. Or the Monday (25th) afterwards. Maybe earlier. Or later I don’t know. There’ll be pictures and stuff, so my return will be worth sticking around for. After all, who doesn’t want to see me in a suit? A rare, but incredibly handsome, sight.

And, of course, whenever I do next post, I’ll be a married man. Which will be new; for the first time (and hopefully the only time), I will be officially bound to another person (Vanna). It’s a frightening thought. Good…but frightening.

Okay, I should stop rambling. I’ll, uh, speak to you on the other side.

Wish me (us) luck!






A Few Pictures Of Rice Lake

The wedding is in three days and we are almost ready. The chairs have been ordered, our AOS filing fee has been met, and more (most) importantly, we picked up our marriage license from the court-house yesterday. Once our official signs it on the day, we’ll be able to send the license back to the county so it can get the official seal of approval. From there we can work on making me a USA resident.

Now we’re just working on the loose ends. The jewelers need to finish resizing my ring, but we should hear back from them before Friday. Oh and Vanna needs shoes (we’re hoping to buy them today), but otherwise we are more or less good to go. The only real concern now is the weather; this weekend is forecast for bad thunderstorms all day…which isn’t good. I’m optimistic that we’ll be fine, but we might have to think about a plan B. Typical that, after all these beautifully sunny days, the one time we need it to be nice it won’t be.

Yesterday, for example, was lovely. We met Vanna’s cousin Britt for a picnic on Rice Lake. Naturally I took pictures. Look how great the weather was!


Hopefully it’ll be just as nice on Saturday. Just got to keep our fingers crossed I suppose.


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