Gone Fishin…I’m Back With Fish (…And Photos!)

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You’ll be glad to hear I had a good time fishing yesterday. Even though neither of us were very successful in our efforts to catch…well, anything, it was a fun experience. I enjoyed it, and that’s all that matters, right?

So, what happened? Read on to find out!

(oh, and there are pictures too!)

8am-9am: Becky picked me up around half 7. We got to her house and prepped for the trip; got the boat ready, made sandwiches etc.

9am-12pm: Headed along the Mississippi to Little Rabbit Lake. Becky caught and put back over a dozen fish (mostly sunfish that were too small to eat) while I also managed to reel in a couple of sunfish that were too small to keep. There were a lot of bites but the fish sucked off the bait before we could hook them. Stupid fish.

12pm-1pm: In the next thirty minutes, I was…

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Goin’ Fishin’

Today Becky and I are going to fish! On a lake! From a boat!

Hows that for a Sunday plan? I’m super tired (it is 7am after all) but nonetheless excited. This will be my first non-ice fishing trip so I’m pretty keen to get out there. Another new experience for me and it should be fun. Hopefully I’ll reel in a few big uns. Or even one big un. Heck, doesn’t even have to be big. So long as it is edible. Or worth keeping. A fish? Eh, I’m not fussy. I just want to catch…something.

So…yeah. If I do manage to catch something (fingers crossed for lots of tasty fishies, but yeah even one would do), I will have my camera to document the event.

And if I don’t get anything? Well…I’ll uh, show you Becky’s fish. Or the scenery. Even if I fail miserably on my first ever fishing trip, there will be pictures for you. That is my promise. I can’t say fairer than that, can I?

Uh, I guess that is all I have time for (I’m not up this early on a Sunday for fun, you know) at the moment. I will talk about my weekend adventures (today’s fishing trip isn’t the only exciting thing I’ve done; yesterday I went to an auction!) sometime next week. But I probably should get going. Before I fall asleep and miss out.

Wish me luck!





Kitten At War (And Other News)

Hello all, just thought I’d give you a quick update on how things are going for us newly weds up in Breezy Point, Minnesota.

Kitten Problems

Anya has an enemy! We don’t know who or what it is, but there is definitely…something…out there that she doesn’t like.

It started a few weeks ago. One night we heard a solitary screech – presumably Anya – and then a very brief yowling sound of a cat fighting. Vanna ran out there (I, uh, stayed in bed and gave moral support through the window) to find Anya a little…upset. When we were able to examine her (it doesn’t take much to calm kitty down; just give her some food and she’s happy enough) we found several wet marks where something had tried to bite her.

Hmm. The problem was that we couldn’t figure out what this ‘something’ was. If it was a cat, there would have been more noise. Same if it was a squirrel, or a chipmunk or a dog. Black Bear? Highly unlikely. Skunk? Eh. Raccoon? Nah.

There was no obvious answer to Anya’s nemesis. But as she was unhurt, we forgot about it.

Cut to last night. Once again we heard a wail. Vanna rushed out. This time Anya didn’t come back straight away. Vanna kept calling but there was no sign of her.  Uh oh.

Eventually she crept out from underneath the deck. No bites or marks on her, but she spent the next hour or so staring out the window as if she was watching for something.

The question is…what?

I Won Something!

Have you ever heard of Premium Bonds? Me neither. (Well okay I have but saying I know something about them doesn’t make for as an effective sentence does it?)

Anyway, it turns out I have a share.  But because I’ve left the UK, I’m no longer entitled to them so I have to cash them in. Ah well, at least I get a bit of money. Is that it?

No, that is not it! Not only do I get the value of the bonds, I also won something in the July draw!

All right, it was only £25 ($40 roughly). But hey, better than nothing!

Letters and Cheques

Now that Vanna and I share a bank account, she thought she’d ordered some special cheque books for us. Good idea, right? What Vanna neglected to tell me was that she had picked ones with little kittens printed on.

*sigh* Don’t think my book will be getting much use.

It isn’t all bad news though; as well as my letter to the Premium Bonds people, yesterday we also sent off the visa packet to…whoever/wherever it is supposed to go to. Another step ticked off the list. Now all we have to do is wait!

(and then fill out more forms and have more interviews. But for now we can just relax)


So I returned Destiny last week. I said last Wednesday (I think) that I wouldn’t talk about it until I had a better idea of what to say.

Well…I still don’t know what to make of it. I like it and I want it. But at the same time,  I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Excluding Timeshift (it had a plot but you couldn’t hear any of it), I don’t think I’ve played a game so blindly. There is a big orb and a city and…that is about it. I started to figure things out but really, when your game cost $1,000,000,000 (that is a billion dollars) to make, you should be able to flesh out a plot. I get that it is multiplayer based, but how difficult would it be to have a narrative to follow?

That being said, I did like Destiny. It was fun and I’m sad not to have it. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get the Xbox One soon.

The Stand

Tried to watch the film adaption of Stephen King’s book but couldn’t get into it. Vanna then kindly went out and bought me a copy. It is the uncut version, so the total page count is nearly 1200. I’m less than 100 pages through…I’ll get back to you on this.


Enjoying Autumn (Or ‘The Fall’ As Minnesotans Call It)

Hello all,

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. I didn’t mean to disappear so abruptly. It has just been a very hectic, and very tiring, couple of days. Nothing too exciting mind (IE no blog stories); just work (Vanna’s job, not mine; can’t work just yet) and family (again Vanna’s, not mine; though I suppose they are mine too now!) commitments that have meant we’ve hardly been home since Thursday.

In fact, the past three days we have left the house before 8am (I’ve had to wake up at 7!) and not got back until after 10pm. Awful right? Understandably I’ve not had much time on my computer. Hence why I haven’t blogged since Wednesday.


But I’m back now.  And…I really don’t have much to report. I returned Destiny on Friday, which was a sad moment. I watched football and saw family on the weekend (interesting for me, not exactly riveting stuff for you), and then today Vanna gave blood. That is about it. As I said before, nothing eventful has happened since I last posted.

But don’t despair just yet because I have pictures! Well, three pictures but still, plural pictures!

Yes, that’s right. To make up for my sudden absence, I made Vanna (that’s how marriage works!) take pictures of the trees with her nice camera. Fall is always a beautiful time of year, but there is something magical about it here. Though this weekend’s journeys around Crow Wing County have been rather draining (waking up at 7am is like torture), they have at least led to some scenic driving.  Admittedly the pictures below is a very (very) small sample but you can still get an idea of how pretty it is right now.


Not many pictures I know (Vanna’s camera died just as we found a great spot…typical), but as this is Vanna’s favourite time of year, I expect I’ll have a bigger album to upload sometime soon. Depending on whether we have the time or not, we may head to Duluth to see how the trees look there. Even if we don’t have a trip like that, it is my first Autumn in MN (September, October, November and December are all new) so we’re bound to do something interesting before the season changes.

Urgh. I don’t want the season to change. I like Fall; why can’t it stay like this forever? Winter just means snow. And in MN, snow really means SNOW. Autumn here might be great but you can’t truly enjoy it. Why? Because you know that when it ends, you’re then got six months of awfulness. It is like a Sunday evening as a child; you might have a nice night lined up but it is tempered by the fact you have to go to school in the morning. Except in this case, you have bitter winds, bitter colds and bitter, never-ending snow to look forward to.

The worst thing is I haven’t even experienced a full Minnesotan winter yet! My last trip here didn’t start until January! How can I feel this despondent after only three months? That isn’t good! What is going to happen to me when the snow hits in November? (if not earlier!) I’m dreading it. The snow novelty ran out a long time ago but the white blanket is going to turn again anyway, like the unwanted party guest that it is. And no matter how much I want to enjoy these next few months, I won’t be able to because I can’t forget what is on the horizon (its snow, people; lots and lots of snow).

Ugh. Minnesota sucks. Whose idea was this to get married and live here?


Can’t we just move to California or something?




If Your Partner Says They Have A Good Idea…Don’t Listen

Yesterday, Vanna suggested that she and I should have a picnic somewhere in the woods. Though it was beginning to get cool (it was after 5pm), it was a pleasant and sunny day. With winter approaching, Vanna reasoned that it would be wise to take advantage of the nice weather while we still could. She had a point; soon there will be snow and we won’ t have another picnic opportunity for months.

Nevertheless, I was reluctant. It sounded a nice thing to do…but what about mosquitoes? Vanna shook her head at this question; because it was no longer warm or humid, the mosquitoes in the area would no longer be a problem. As I had no other objections, we set off for our early evening picnic.

After driving for about ten minutes, Vanna spotted an abandoned snowmobile path. We stopped the car and set up our picnic blanket in a nearby clearing. It was a neat little place…but we were soon swarmed by mosquitoes. Urgh.

‘No problem’, Vanna said, ‘they are only baby mosquitoes. They can’t hurt you.’ I doubted this logic, but I wasn’t going to ruin our little outing by complaining, so I did my best to ignore the swarm. While Vanna told me about her day, I listened to her stories, I ate my salad…and I got bitten. A lot.

We had a great picnic though. It was a really good idea. If you ignore the fact I spent the entire time flailing my arms around in an unsuccessful attempt to shoo the mosquitoes away, that is. What fun we had!


Cut forward to this morning. I got in the shower and surveyed the damage. Two bites on my neck, two more on my arm and numerous others no doubt waiting to flare up when I’m least expecting it. Weirdly my legs, which were bare, don’t have a single bite on them. Somehow these baby mosquitoes – the ones that can’t hurt me – managed to get me through my thick shirt and nowhere else. That was nice of them, wasn’t it?

I suppose the moral of this very short story is, as the title infers, not to listen to your partner when they get a clever idea. It never ends well for you. Or in this case, me.

Vanna, incidentally, didn’t get a single bite. Funny how that works, isn’t it?


To show she isn’t all bad, Vanna picked up a copy of Destiny last night for me. I have talked quite a lot about it recently (I want an Xbox One and I want Destiny with it) so in a kind gesture (ie, a way to shut me up) she stopped by the Redbox machine in Pequot to rent it for me.

Destiny is…not what I expected. At all. I don’t even know what to think. Is it good? Bad? At this moment, I don’t really know. But I have until Friday to reach a conclusion, so if I can voice my thoughts on it in a coherent manner I’ll post something about Destiny this weekend.

If I don’t…uh, forget I mentioned it.



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