My Very First Real Christmas Tree! (Pictures!)

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Hello all!

So, now that we’re deep into the month of December, that Christmas feeling is really beginning to spread around the place…

Except for the weather. What is this?!
I thought Minnesota was supposed to be snowy around now!
Not that I’m complaining, mind. This weather might be dreary, but it is preferable to snow and ice and cold. *of course, it would snow the day after these pictures were taken; we now have a thick layer of white and everything is miserably cold again*

…and the Best household is no exception. The most noticeable change is our Christmas tree, which also happens to be the first non-artificial tree that I’ve ever had. Though I campaigned for a fake tree – no mess, no fuss – Vanna was adamant it had to be real, and would not budge from that stance. Getting a real tree from a tree farm…

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Superb Starset and a very disappointing In This Moment

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Hey y’all (bit of American lingo for you there, you’re welcome),

I’m back and ready to blog! Sorry about the delay, but I needed a couple of special pictures from Vanna before I could talk about the gig. You’re probably wondering what is so important about a couple of pictures, but as you’ll soon see, these were worth waiting for.

Right then, Friday!

Oh wait, Thursday. Before the gig, there was, of course, Thanksgiving Dinner with the (new) family. As it was my first Thanksgiving experience, I should let you know how it went, huh?

Well, it was pretty damn good. There was turkey, mashed potatoes, rutabagas (like turnip/swede), parsnips, green bean casserole, buns…all sorts. Twas delicious. Didn’t overdo it either, which was a plus. Very tasty. I’m definitely down for doing that every year!

Okay, back to Friday. We set off early afternoon. Nothing too eventful happened on…

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Anya The Kitten Loves Mondays

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Right then. We’re back from the cities, and the Black Friday Black Widow tour gig. I have some very good and very bad thoughts about the experience, but first I need all the pictures from that night, and I’m, uh, having some technical difficulties getting them at the moment. So they’ll have to wait.

But hey, not to worry; Anya is super excited to keep you entertained this very, very, very miserable (-30c, yay!) Monday afternoon. Enjoy!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

To celebrate my very first TG (that’s what the cool kids call Thanksgiving), Vanna and I are going to have a meal with her family (well, our family I should say) later this afternoon. Really looking forward to that. I’m not sure what to expect foodwise – by that I mean I don’t know the traditional Thanksgiving food fare; I imagine there will be things on the table that I’ve not seen/tried before – but there will be parsnips so I’m good to go.

In other news, we are of course going down to the cities for the Black Widow Tour gig (In This Moment and Starset!). Don’t think I need to say how excited I am for that (click on the link if you missed my thoughts the first time). I’m expecting some great performances, and I doubt I’ll be disappointed. My biggest wish is to…

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7 Days!

Hello all!

7 days! 7 days! What about 7 days? Well, in exactly 7 days it will be Friday the 28th November, which will affectionately be referred to from now on as Black Widow Day. A day usually known for being Black Friday and/or the day where you try to get over your Thanksgiving hangover (so much turkey, right Americans? I think that once I’ve experienced my first big dinner on Thursday, I should automatically be considered an honorary American) has now gained extra significance. Why? Because next Friday – I mean, Black Widow DayIn This Moment and Starset (along with two other bands) will be in St Paul, Minnesota on ITM’s Black Widow Tour, and Vanna and I will be right with them! (alas not literally, but we will be in the crowd watching them perform, which is still pretty damn cool).

Now I did briefly mention this exciting news a few weeks back, but as we are within touching distance (I said 7 days, right?) I feel it is worth discussing again because I. Am. So. Very. Very. Very. EXCITED!

Wow, I’m practically a screaming preteen girl at a…uh, Disney’s flavour of the month concert (I’d refer to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber here, but I think both those ships have sailed…are the Jonas Brothers still around? I’m proud to say I’m clueless) at this stage, aren’t I? I would apologize, but being stuck in the house (stupid snow, stupid cold) editing for hours isn’t exactly fun so I need to jump on any occasion where I can go out and enjoy myself. Besides, Black Widow Day is pretty damn exciting, isn’t it? I think my use of bold text and capitals (the two best ways to convey important emotions) was justified. I have no regrets!

Anyway, I was going to use this space to review the Starset album and the new In This Moment album (which we got earlier this week), as I said I would in the link above. But as I have no idea how to review music (or anything, for that matter) I think I’ll settle for just saying both albums are very, very good. I wasn’t entirely sure about Black Widow when I first started listening to it, but I think it is In This Moment’s best album to date. Their music direction may have changed, but overall, I have no complaints with their ‘new sound’. Some of the songs on Black Widow are spectacular, including the standout song, Dirty Pretty, which I really, really love. 9/10.

As for Starset, I knew I’d like them, but I didn’t realize how much. Transmissions, their album, blew me away with its majesty. The music (both the orchestral elements and the techy stuff they do…told you I have no idea what I’m talking about), the lyrics and the overarching concepts within those aspects (space, exploration and a host of other meanings that I’m too tired to go into) complement each other beautifully.

…Does that even make sense? I’m sorry, my mind is completely frazzled for me to think properly. Just know that I think Transmissions is a seriously compelling album, and a very impressive debut for Starset. 8.5/10. Here’s another song for you. Enjoy!

I still haven’t listened to the other bands on the tour yet, but hopefully I’ll get round to that sometime next week (before the gig that is!). Until then, have a great Friday, and I’ll speak to you later.


Halloween Revisited!

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Hello everyone!

I know, I know, it has been a quiet blog again. But with the Xbox One, repeated internet issues, snow and editing, oh so much editing (6 hours a day…I’m getting there slowly…), I’ve not had much time to talk. Hey, in all the excitement, I even forgot to talk about my Halloween in Bemidji. I bet you’ve been desperate to hear all about it, right?

No? Oh. Well in fairness, there isn’t a lot I can say about it. Essentially we drank a lot, ate pizza (so much pizza), met some people, and slept on floors. Oh, and, of course, got dressed up. I didn’t really take any pictures – too much alcohol for that nonsense – but I made sure to get at least one (or two) for your guys. Here we are in our Halloween costumes. You’re welcome.



Vanna was a very cute, Little Red…

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The Man Cave (Oh, And Some Wild Turkeys)

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First I should clarify the Wild Turkey’s are not in the Man Cave. I’ve already got kitten up here…that would just be a disaster.

Also, sorry for not posting this yesterday (or Thursday). Our internet has been incredibly sketchy of late. We couldn’t even watch Gracepoint or Dr Who (uh, I haven’t mentioned how much we like/love those shows before have I? Um, well not being able to watch them was a big deal) so there was no chance I could upload photos to the blog. I only managed to sort it out for today because I brought my laptop to Brainerd. So frustrating.


SO, we (Vanna and I, with the help of our friends Meg and Larry) moved all the furniture up into the loft space yesterday. I was dreading the sofa – we’ve moved it before and it was awful – but surprisingly it was the recliner…

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