Clear Skies In Minnesota (Finally)

I have the most important news to share with  you. It’s not raining today!

It wasn’t even that bad yesterday either. The morning/early afternoon was pretty dreary but once it stopped, it stopped. Then this morning, I saw the sun! At last I’m finally  seeing the weather I expected/hoped for. No longer will I have people joking with me that I’ve brought English weather over with me (It’s been sunny over there for weeks!) and I’ll be able to wear my the shorts. Oh yeah. I feel I need to make the best of the weather in case it decides to turn again. What better way to do that then bring out my pale legs?

This evening should be pretty good, even if the sun does indeed decided to leave. Brittny (Vanna’s cousin) is having her graduation party tonight so I’ve been invited to that (I don’t think she had much choice in the matter). That should be pretty fun. Graduations are a big thing over here, but I don’t really feel that we (the UK) put that much importance on it. Perhaps it was just me, and everybody else at my school had a whole load of parties that I wasn’t invited to, but I’ve never been aware of it being a huge occasion. It’s only graduating from University that gets our attention.

Having said that, I do think I had a slice of cake though when I finished school. Maybe that’s how we celebrate it. Bit of cake. I’ll try to take some pictures later, scope it out and report back here. I really do represent the pinnacle of modern journalism.

Speaking of pictures, I’m afraid there is a certain lack of quality with the ones I took yesterday. After visiting the library and eating our lunch, we were picked up and taken to the nearby town (nearby means it takes about an hour) Brainerd. Now please, don’t laugh. I know they’ve combined Brain and Nerd to make something even nerdier, but it’s a nice town. From what I remember it has links to Paul Bunyan, the giant lumberjack and his cow, Sparky. I don’t know if that’s the cow’s name, but I’m alone here and I made the call.

It’s actual name is a lot worse…

Anyway, we were watching ‘The Help’ when we had to leave so we ended up forgetting the camera. Not because of that specific film (which incidentally, is quite good) but because we were rushing. So when we were out in Brainerd (I said stop!) I had to improvise with Vanna’s phone camera. Which is really awful. I’m told.

And unfortunately there was little inspiration for pictures. Although I enjoyed the drive around and exploring a few of the shops, there wasn’t really anything to show you all. This was the best I could come up with. I’m sorry.

This picture is so bad I can’t even think of a decent caption for it.

Then we went in Target. Target, for you non Americans isn’t really that comparable to anything. Walmart is a bigger, more expansive version of Asda. Target is a more expensive, slightly better quality version of Walmart. But has the styling of a TK Maxx. Incidentally, America also has TK Maxx but it’s called TJ Maxx or something. To be honest I’ve confused myself a little.

But while Vanna was picking up some cleaning products (I took some shots of her but she stared at me until I deleted them, crying) I perused the shop, determined to find something amusing or stupid to photograph. You see pictures of silly/unintentionally rude products that people take while on holiday to Asia or Europe, giving us all a chuckle at the company’s expense. ‘They have a product called Bum! HAHAHAHAHAH’.

I wanted that. I know America isn’t that different to us, but surely there is something to work on. Then I found it. It’s not down to misinterpretation and frankly this introduction has probably built it up too much so I apologize for your impending disappointment, but here you go.

Take it in. Look at it. And wonder.

And it’ll cost you nearly $25!

What do you make of this?

To start with, I was wondering how the hell is this a game. Who put their pictures forward for this? Are there families at home thinking ‘this looks like great fun’ only to open it up and find a photo of them all together, with their Mohawk/mullet combinations, falling to an awkward silence as they realize the hairstyle they’ve been rocking for the last two decades is actually really really awful? This board game could have resulted in hundreds of relationship break ups or mental breakdowns as people struggle to deal with the shame, embarrassment and depression caused by being a part of this monstrosity.

I can understand chuckling at these pictures online but who has gone to the trouble to collect all these photos and turn it into a game? I ask again, how is this a game? Who laughs first loses? Replicate these stupid pictures and rate each other on effort, style and pose? There are so many questions that spring to mind at this and yet I feel like I’m getting no answers. Even Vanna saw it, laughed and said it was a popular game. And that there is more than one of them.


Well that was one thing I learned yesterday.

Americans are damn weird.



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