Battle Wounds

Yesterday was a pretty productive day. I feel no need to harp on about the weather or post pictures of kittens (although I do have some) because there was always something going on.

I came to the library to start with and got some things done (Solidus, blogging). The bike wasn’t stolen from its position outside, which I honestly can’t say for certain wouldn’t happen at home. I can’t even remember what happened to my old bike. Was it stolen, or did we just leave it when we moved? I have no idea.

After having lunch we then went on a bike ride. I was a little apprehensive because we were going on a bike trail. To me, that suggests rough paths and sharp turns. Considering my brakes don’t work and I was even more uncomfortable sitting down, I didn’t fancy my prospects going off-road. The pavements in Crosby are bad enough. Thankfully it was all smooth tarmac and we did just under five miles. It was beautiful weather with a wonderful breeze so I was eager to continue but we decided to call it a day. We being myself, Vanna and Sharissa. We’re all unfit so it’s probably best not to overdo ourselves. Baby steps…

Unfortunately we forgot the camera so I don’t have any pictures to show you. Crosby is a really pretty area. To give you a bit of background on the area (apologies if I’ve already done so) Crosby was an important mining area.  There are huge pits scattered all over behind the town as they dug for iron ore. You can still see residues of it on the dirt roads circling the pits. Here’s one picture I took earlier (last year).

This image alone will send my father into fits of laughter…

In its heyday (the pits only closed thirty or so years ago) Crosby was so important in its iron production that Hitler apparently had a little pin stuck in the town because it would be somewhere the Nazis would bomb if they ever managed to reach America. Of course we plucky Brits stopped before it ever reached that stage but, if true, it’s an interesting fact nonetheless.

What else? Well before the pits filled up with water, one of them was also used for a NASA launch. I can’t remember the details on that one so I’ll come back to it when I’ve visited the Crosby museum.

My point is Crosby is a great place to cycle and I regret not taking any pictures. Here’s a video  to give you an idea.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

After the ride I was in charge of the kittens as Vanna went to work. I’ve not fed them yet (I usually have the role of distracting them) so I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Thankfully things went well for the most part. By that I mean nobody died, there were no little presents for me to clean up and I eventually got them to go to sleep without having a mental breakdown.

The kittens do, however, have a tendency to climb legs. My legs especially seem to get that treatment. They’ll chew and climb over my feet then jump up. Usually I have trousers on, so it’s no problem. But as you could see from that very attractive picture yesterday, I was wearing shorts. Oh boy.

So along with my calloused hands from the bike grips and leg injury from the peddles, I now have three long scratches up my calf. Plus gouges between my knuckles from Anya’s vicious claws. And that’s not all.

We also went to Ashley and Corey’s house (Vanna’s friends) for a bonfire.  I had fun (I ate all their food, that’s how you know I’m enjoying myself) but my eyes are still stinging from the smoke and my hair smells burnt. My nose is running too.

Sumac, to distract you from my whining

You know what, I’m thinking that this being active and doing things business isn’t that beneficial. I’m in pain here. Not tremendous pain, but more pain than I was when I didn’t do anything. This is why I sit at home most of the time. It’s safer.

Hmm. I’m just never happy.


Don’t worry, they’ll be more kitten pictures tomorrow. I’ll be cheerier too. Possibly. No guarantees, but I will talk about happy things, like how arrogant the bloody squirrels are here.


2 thoughts on “Battle Wounds”

  1. Hey, Alex, things are really Jubilee-crazy here.
    Bunting everywhere in the village.
    I have dug out your grandma’s collection of coronation china to put in the lounge on the glass shelves.
    Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself (sort of).
    Enjoying your blog, nephew! Keep writing!

  2. You were right my boy! Now I have calmed down am off for more homemade cake but am pleased you are well and we both enjoy your blog. love to both

    Dad & Susan

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