Anniversary Today

I’ll have to make it brief today. It’s mine and Vanna’s anniversary, with a whole year passing since we first met each other in June 2011. Happy days.

I’ll not bore you with the details (do you want to know?) but I will summarize so you understand. After years of talking online, Vanna came to see me last June. We hit it off and I returned the favour in August. She then came over for a month at Christmas while I saved up for this summer trip. And next January she’ll be spending 6 months over in the UK studying at Newcastle University so we’ll be together once more. It hasn’t been easy ladies and gentlemen, but long distance relationships can work if you want them to. It’s just more expensive and the months that your apart can seem to last for an eternity. But it isn’t the end of the world. I love her and we’re together now, which is all that matters.

So today we have plans. Providing we get ourselves a ride from somewhere, we’re going to see Prometheus at the cinema. Unfortunately the one in Brainerd (which is actually only 20 minutes away, not the hour I previously claimed) is currently closed so we’re going to have to venture further afield. Getting to the next one would actually take a good hour or so, but it is a nice place so it’s worth the drive. If we can get a car.

Otherwise we’ll probably go for a meal and chill out at home. The weather is very sunny but humid, so we’re expecting storms to arrive shortly. That won’t stop us going out but it does mean there’s a good chance we might get wet. Darn.

I actually like paying for meals here. I love how much further my money goes. I’ve been using my debit card for our meals out and it just looks much better when you view the expenditure through my account. We’ll pay twenty dollars for a meal but it’s only costing me about ten pounds. The opposite was true for Vanna at Christmas, where 100 dollars became 60 pounds. So I’m thankful for that. Seeing your money get condensed into less notes can be rather depressing. Probably a good thing she didn’t have much to convert in the first place.

In other news, I found another one of those damned wood ticks (or tic, wordpress keeps correcting me) on me last night. I went to itch my thigh and pulled it off by accident. The little git hadn’t managed to taste my blood but it had still left its mark. Vanna thinks that it must have fallen off our clothes and hid in the bed until we arrived. This explanation did nothing to ease my concern. We went out to Palisade on Tuesday. This is two days after. I found the first one Wednesday morning. Had it been there all night? Where did it come from?

I just don’t like these things.

‘Oh they only suck your blood’ says Vanna. Really? Well that’s very easy to say when you somehow seem resistant to them. She stands in the undergrowth for ten minutes taking a picture. And they ignore her completely. Isn’t that nice?

And my personal preference is for my blood to stay in my body. We don’t have this back home. We have the occasional fly that won’t leave you alone. And that’s it.

Moving on before I go mad to a quick kitten update. Last Sunday Oliver and Zinnia went off  to Calista’s while we kept Anya. She’s been doing pretty well on her own, using us for her entertainment more often than not. Thankfully she’s becoming more independent and less inclined to paw at me during the night. I’ve got enough scratches, thank you very much.

Anyway here is the last picture of all three kittens together. If you want to see the album we made last month, click here, and if you want more pictures I’ll look to capture Anya’s growth from an annoying kitten into a troublesome cat. Until then though, get ready to say ‘awh’…


And I think that’s it for now. I should get back to my girlfriend before these supposed storms hit. I’ll let you know how the film went. Providing we manage to see it that is. Otherwise you’ll be stuck listening to me whine about the weather or the latest creature that has decided to attack me. And who wants that?

Having said that though, one day I might get attacked by something big, like a bear. It wouldn’t be fun but it could make for an interesting story.



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