A Happy Anniversary

It would be fair to say we had a great anniversary. We had fun, some great food and there were no annoying insects around to bug us (pun definitely intended). Even the weather defied expectations. Rather than thunderstorms we got the hottest day of the summer so far, with temperatures hitting over 80F (30C to us Brits). It’s supposed to be even warmer today.

So what did we get up to?

Well our first highlight was probably lunch at Super One. Now it used to Supervalu up until they switched about a week ago. We even saw them change the sign. From what I can gather this isn’t a welcomed takeover (think of Tesco, if you are in the UK). It was also big news in the local paper. Not much goes on you see.

Anyway the manager of the deli section, Brian, is Meg’s (Vanna’s friend) stepfather. I’ve met him a few times before and you’ll be harder pushed to find a nicer guy. Once he’d heard it was our anniversary (we’d dressed up smart so it was noticeable) he got us a free dessert. A chocolate cream thing. It was pretty tasty.

You’re probably wondering what we looked like. Well I actually put on a shirt. And some jeans, but all they did was making it very uncomfortable to be outside in the heat.

Note: I’d upload a picture but I’m sitting outside burning in the afternoon sun, working on a 1 bar connection. I’ve tried for the past thirty minutes to no avail. So yeah. Later.

Moving on and Calista, who is looking after the other two kittens, offered us her vehicle so we could go to the cinema at Jenkins. The showing of Prometheus was at 7 and because of our filling meal at the deli, we decided to eat after the film.

I’d like to point out at this time that popcorn costs $4 at the Jenkin’s cinema. I actually had to do a double take at the board. It costs 7 pounds at home. Seems fair. I only moaned briefly though. I’m getting better.

Now I’m still not sure what to make of Prometheus. I saw the trailer and I was desperate to watch it. But I’m feeling somewhat unsatisfied. Vanna was the same. It was a good idea, but it needed more. Not enough story or background.

It started really well too. The film takes place on this moon and the first few minutes consisted of footage of the moon’s mountain ranges, rivers and waterfalls. It was very pretty. Vanna was in love with the music while I enjoyed the scenery. I could have watched an entire film of just that.

But when it started, I was even more excited. Why? Because the opening scene was on the Isle of Skye, an island just off the west coast of Scotland. I’ve been there many times throughout my childhood. I even took Vanna there last year. I practically jumped up when I recognized the Old Man of Storr. I’ve been there! I bet the Skye tourist board is loving this.

It all went downhill after that. It didn’t help that I needed the toilet for almost the entire film. It always happens. You can’t enjoy a movie when your bladder is fit to burst.

Don’t let my negative review stop you from watching the film though. I’m glad I saw it. I was even happier when it ended, but that was more for the needed bathroom break.

Our next stop was at Bdubs (or Buffalo Wild Wings), a sports bar in Brainerd. By this point (9pm) we were pretty eager to eat. And although I was starving, I decided to go for something different. Already I’ve begun to tolerate fast food, along with having cheese in everything. Now…well now I had a salad. And it was awesome.

Chicken, shredded cheese, greens, some spicy tomato thing and honey barbeque ranch dressing. I’m salivating about it now. The best meal I’ve had here so far. Lovely. And it was a salad! Look at me, getting all healthy. Well relatively. I didn’t have dessert either, and I always have dessert. Vanna had some boneless chicken wings which were pretty good too. I’ve just completely forgotten about how they tasted because my salad was so memorable.

Once I’ve finished crying at the masterpiece that I’d just eaten, we headed over to Walmart, which is open 24/7. Calista’s baby twin girls are one on Sunday, so we needed to pick up a present for them. They seem quite mesmerized by me. I think it’s because I’m tall. I’m hoping it’s that, otherwise a lot of small children are staring up at me for reasons I don’t know about.

Vanna also got me a little present. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been playing games on her laptop to alleviate my Xbox cravings. Unfortunately you can only play each game three times before you run out of coins. Initially I was playing Bejewelled but my attention was really drawn into the magical world of Plants v Zombies. It’s so fun. I’ve heard about it before but never paid it much attention. Now I’m hooked onto it. So as a treat, Vanna bought me the full game, along with a little zombie toy that came with it. Want to see him?

Oh yeah.

And that’s it really. We had some fun and nothing went wrong. Today we’re just going to stay indoors for the most part, because the severe humidity makes doing anything physical unbearable. I was hoping for a bike ride but that idea was shot down pretty quickly. Vanna wants to clean. I’ll probably attempt to help, just get in the way and then go play on the laptop instead. Or write. Who knows?

Now where did I put that disc…


6 thoughts on “A Happy Anniversary”

  1. pleased you are having fun.It has rained today so we have been busy sorting out.
    Recording footie for you as promised.
    love to both

    dad & susan

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