Lads’ Day In

You’ll find no moaning about the weather today, even though we’ve had thunderstorms again.

Nor will you find any complaints about kittens, even though Anya bit my toe so hard it bled (I stood on her tail accidentally).

None of that going on today. Because today is a day for watching football, playing Xbox and wishing I had an alcoholic drink (preferably Cider but I’d take anything).

Oh yeah. England is playing today. And I’m watching it.

We’re playing against France in our first group game of Euro 2012. We’ll probably lose but I’m supporting the team.

But are you? Even if you are American I’m expecting your support.

Back home people are waving flags or painting their faces in England’s colours. Probably. I’m wearing my Chelsea shirt, so I’m doing my bit.

Anyway I’m going to watch the match. I’ll let you know how it goes.





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