Deep Breath…And Go

I decided not to write about the football yesterday. I wanted to stick to my promise that I wouldn’t moan and I know that if I spoke about the football…I’d end up moaning.

Why? Because it was damn tedious. I’ve heard about all these exciting matches only to finally get the chance to see a game…and it’s boring. I should have realised this beforehand. I was watching England after all. We didn’t lose though. I suppose that’s something positive. France definitely have a better team than we do but it was still poor.

I know you are supposed to support your team no matter what but I’m really struggling with the current England side. I don’t like half the players. And the rest are journeymen who shouldn’t be there at all. There must be better players for us to use…surely? Well it’s too late to do anything about it. I have no expectations of us getting past the Quarters but…come on England!

I still think Germany are the team to watch though. Let’s hope we don’t end up playing them once we’re out of the groups. There isn’t enough Chelsea players to help us win…

Anyway, moving off football and onto what I’ve been up to. Mostly, I’ve been at Calistas. Sunday was the twin’s 1st birthday party. I’d love to write their names but I’m fearful of spelling them wrong. It wasn’t too bad considering the whole house was swarming with young children and I’m not usually comfortable with that. They look at me all the time. Why, I ask. Why? But yeah, we hid away from them so it wasn’t too bad. I ate their food and watched the second half of the Croatia v Republic of Ireland match. Acceptable.

Afterwards Vanna headed to work and I came with her so I could use the internet for all my procrastination needs (like On the way we were hit by some heavy rain and warned of an approaching storm with 60mph winds. Thankfully we missed it again so it didn’t stop us from shopping. I wouldn’t usually talk about food shopping because it’s not really an exciting thing to do. Cub foods, however, have tried to mix it up a little bit. In their vegetable section, they have a mini thunderstorm. You’ll hear a rumble of thunder then the sprinklers will lightly mist one section of fresh vegetables.

Isn’t that amazing? The noise is just to warn you but that is a great idea. I like Cub for that alone. I don’t like their trolleys though (shopping carts). There’s a little horizontal bar underneath the cart which is the perfect height for shins. And without fail, no matter how hard I try, I will hit that damned bar at least once. It was even worse on this occasion because I was annoying Vanna by going right next to her legs with the trolley before stopping. Unfortunately my legs didn’t stop and I collided with it. Thankfully she didn’t notice.

And that was it for Sunday really. I still need a t-shirt or something USA related for the 4th July. Apparently a Diamond Jubilee t-shirt celebrating the Queen’s 60 years on the throne isn’t appropriate. Not that I have one of those either but I’m sure you could get them cheap now the event is over. They’ll be in bargain bins all around the country.

Yesterday was obviously the day of the England game. I watched that at Calistas then me and Vanna (though she didn’t watch the match with me) went for a bike ride. It was only 5 miles but it was pretty intense because it was really windy yesterday. I’m not used to that in Minnesota. It’s either incredibly humid or thunderstorms. Gentle breeze or 60mph dangerous winds. It’s never just ‘gusty’. But it was, and it was always in our faces, slowing us down. Pretty chilly too. We did a perimeter of Crosby (well part of it) and actually went up some difficult hills. Not steep, just slow, gradual slopes. And they are the worst.

Once we’d finished that, Vanna’s friend Meg came over and picked us up. Every Monday (well most Mondays) for the past however many years (2, 3, 4, one of those…probably) Vanna, Meg and another friend called Liss have all hung out at Megs. Usually they’ll eat, watch television and talk about whatever they feel the need to talk about. I’m not selling it very well but it’s their special night which I’ve happened to be tagging along again because I’ve got nothing better to do and Vanna feels guilty about leaving me at home. Meg’s house is right next to the Mississippi because not only does Minnesota have Lake Superior and 10,000+ other lakes, it also wants to be involved in the path one of the biggest rivers in the world. It’s just a greedy state when it comes to water. They’d want the River Nile and the Amazon if they could. Tsk.

But I’ll have to take some pictures when I’m next there in daylight. It’s a pretty area which also has a great view of the sky. If it wasn’t so cold outside we’d have sat and looked up at the stars for a while. Even though Crosby is a small place, there is enough light pollution to restrict your enjoyment. Out at Meg’s though, you can see everything. Including the Milky Way. Oh yeah.

Back to my complaints and I’ll also have to bring some thick trousers along with me. Meg’s basement is absolutely freezing, regardless of the temperature outside. I need a blanket too because all the ones they have don’t  cover me fully. Why? Because I’m over six-foot and they are all around 5″5. That’s a good 9 or 10 inches of me uncovered. It’s just not acceptable. Tall people get cold too you know.

What else can I moan about? Well along with my leg and wrist wounds (which are starting to disappear…just about) I’m also collecting more and more mosquito bites. They are clearly annoyed at how I think Scottish Midges are much worse and want to punish me for the comment I made. It clearly damaged their ego. Well I’m still sticking with it, no matter how many bites I get. Midges are the worst. Except for Wood tics. I’m scarred mentally and physically from those little gits. This is why I don’t go to Australia. I expected to be safe in Minnesota. I was fooled man, fooled.

In other news I also don’t like the toilet at the house. It’s too low down. And I constantly crack my head against the very low door frame, because I always forget that it’s not just the toilet which is ridiculously proportioned. I’ll end up with concussion one day because the short builders working on this house didn’t consider the notion that people who want to use that bathroom might actually be taller than the people doing the construction. It’s bad enough that there is a window right next to the seat, making me very conscious some passer-by (people run across other people’s gardens…it’s rare but it happens!) might look in and spot me during my personal time. Where’s the blurred windows like we have back at home? You Americans have no sense of decency. Or the ones in Crosby, Minnesota don’t. I’m just going to stereotype in the extreme and say it’s everybody. That’s probably right, isn’t it?

Except for this guy. He understands.

Hmm, I think I’m done with my complaining. I feel better now. Thanks everyone. I’ll let you know how the rest of today goes tomorrow. I’m hoping to get gaming and football watching again this week. And a 20 mill bike ride at some point too. You know, the usual.

And don’t worry. I’m having a good time here. Honestly.



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