Flooded Backyard Pictures

Urgh, the rain has returned with a vengeance. It rained all the way throughout Tuesday night and didn’t decide to stop until around Wednesday lunchtime. The result of this? The backyard is flooded once again, the roof has been leaking and the mosquitoes are back. The problem we have is that the house doesn’t have the greatest foundations, nor does it have the best drainage. Whenever the drains get full further down the street, all the water then pools up by us. I’ve already shown this with some pictures a few weeks ago. Now I’m uploading a new version which is considerably worse than last time. Unfortunately I took the photos, so unlike Vanna, who went straight in to the water, I just went round it. You can still see how bad it is though. I even put in some pictures of the street to show you how it’s fine everywhere else.

It is June isn’t it? I’m beginning to question if it’s the summer at all…

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