A Night In The E.R

I’m having some serious electrical withdrawals this weekend. Not so much television (although football is a definite temptation for me) but certainly the Xbox. I miss playing Gears 3. It’s hard to go all summer without it when you consider I was on it most days.

But if we had an Xbox, I’d never get any writing done. And I need to work on my book, which is already feeling a little neglected as it is. Adding a further distraction, such as an Xbox, would result in absolutely nothing being done. I’d stop cycling (I did at least 15 miles on Friday) and gain weight…it wouldn’t be pretty.

This wasn’t the reason why we were in ER on Friday night, by the way. I wasn’t so depressed that I ended up hurting myself or bursting a blood vessel from all the anger at not being able to game.

No, it was Vanna who was unwell. We were walking to Holiday (gas station) for some drinks when she started feeling bad shooting pains up her chest, followed by an icy coldness whenever she breathed in deep. It was so painful she didn’t even raise a smile at my joke about her needing a mobility scooter. After ringing her mother we decided to go to the Emergency Room, which is only a ten minute walk away.

And so we spent the next four hours in the hospital. They ran a whole bunch of tests, including an ECG and a CAT scan to try to determine the pain. They were worried it could be something serious and they didn’t want to let her go until they knew for certain. I sat beside her bed, drinking mountain dew and itching my mosquito bites. It was a fun time.

Good news was that there wasn’t anything life threatening. The results were clear so hopefully it’ll turn out to be nothing. But after getting sunburned earlier that day, I know what was causing her the most aggravation. Poor Vanna, she still looks like a lobster. It was funny seeing her in the hospital gown, her exposed back completely red.

Unfortunately for us, I wasn’t allowed to take any photos. Not by the hospital, but by Vanna. Otherwise you could have had a lovely E.R album to look forward to tomorrow. It would have pictures of her getting her blood pressure taken, having the ECG, standing in the hospital gown…it would have been awesome. But no, she wouldn’t allow it.

God, she stops me from having so much fun.




One thought on “A Night In The E.R”

  1. In hope Alex is waiting on you hand and foot as I know he is a caring lad.You were insured?
    Susan thinks it might have been trapped wind!!!!

    take care
    love to both
    dad & Susan
    ps chat tuesday night 6-7ish?

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