It’s Too Warm Now…

It’s morning here but I can still tell it’s going to be damn hot today. We’re supposedly going to reach around 89 degrees (around 32C) by the time the afternoon sun reaches us. Urgh, I can’t be dealing with it. It’s always extreme. We either have rain or we have humidity. And when we have humidity, we then get more rain. It’s a vicious circle. What happened to nice, run of the mill weather? Not too sunny, not too rainy. It’s boring, but it’s pleasant. Minnesota doesn’t seem to know what that is.

And it doesn’t even end there. The mosquitoes love these conditions. So no matter where you go, they are there. Every time I leave the house I get savaged. At least Scottish midges leave you alone during the day. Mosquitoes don’t. I can’t take the bike out of the garage without getting bitten numerous times. I’m fed up of it.

So I’ve come to a conclusion You’re better going to Scotland than you are to the U.S. You heard it here first.

But the weather shouldn’t affect us too much today. Because me and Vanna are babysitting.

Oh yes. Never done it in my life and when Vanna leaves me at for an hour I’m praying that there are no tears and more importantly, no dirty diapers. Fingers crossed for everybody’s sake.

They’re adorable little babies though. It’s Calista’s twin girls, who are just over a year old. I went to their birthday party last month. I won’t spell their names because I’ll probably do it wrong. Once I’ve mastered the word order I’ll let you know.

There is also internet, television and an Xbox here. So hopefully once Vanna and the twins have fallen asleep, I’ll sneak an hour or two on Gears. We’re pretty tired so I’m expecting all four of us to be sleeping at some point. We were up late at Corey’s (Ashley’s twin brother) bonfire. Pleasant conversation, nice weather and no mosquitoes. What else could you want?

In all honesty the weather doesn’t bother me too much. I’m pretty adaptable to all conditions. Just the mosquitoes that really annoy me. Morning, noon and night they are out. Waiting for you.

There isn’t much going on otherwise. England are out of the Euros. I didn’t watch the game because Vanna’s mother around for a family day. Probably a good thing, as it meant I didn’t watch 120 minutes of dross before suffering the agony of losing in a penalty shootout. We’re used to that. It has happened in pretty much every major tournament since the early 90’s (probably earlier, I can’t remember; I wasn’t born then). You’d think we’d just practice it until we were better at them. Must be a psychological problem. Whatever the issue is, the result is we are awful at them.

I might watch the first Semi Final (Portugal v Spain) this afternoon but considering I dislike both teams it’s going to be hard watching. At least they play entertaining football. England couldn’t string two passes together.


I’ll stop complaining now. Probably because I should help look after the twins. They are so adorable. I seem to mesmerize them, no matter what I do. Whether it’s my height, the fact I’m new to them or because I look different, who knows? Fact is, I smile and they smile.

Hopefully that will  help me when I’m all alone with them. Just please, save the diaper change until she gets back. I’m not ready to pass that milestone just yet.


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