Feeling A Little Lost…(Pun Intended)

I walked to the library today. Walking. Urgh. It’s just not the same as cycling. After years of hill walking, I am now bored of the entire process. It’s too slow. It must have taken me at least ten minutes to get to the library. Usually it’s less than five. That’s five minutes that I could have spent procrastinating online, lost to walking the streets of Crosby.

Granted, with walking you can see more. You can appreciate your surroundings. When I’m cycling I’m too busy trying not to crash to really enjoy the environment. That is why I’ll have to walk the bike trail one day so I can see things better. And so I can take pictures to upload here.

But today I had people talking to me. Some obnoxious teenagers made some passing comment to me. I have no idea what they said, and my resulting confusion was clearly quite amusing to them. This wouldn’t happen if I was cycling. I’d have sped past them, oblivious to their taunts. Damn adolescents.

So I’m feeling a bit lost without my bike.

I’m also lost when it comes to Solidus. Since E3, news has been incredibly thin on the ground.  Developers have made their announcements and are now working on their individual projects. Ignoring the rumours or the odd interview you come across, there isn’t really much to go on. This has meant we’ve had to start working on new ideas, such as the opinion series that we (hopefully) started last week. It’s been fun brainstorming but I do miss coming online, seeing something interesting and then writing about it. When I found out about the release date for the Mass Effect 3 extended cut, I practically jumped up in excitement. News! Something to do! Yeah! I quickly drafted up an article and got it published. What have I done since? Nothing. Just uploaded a few videos. And that’s nowhere near as enjoyable.

Not that Solidus is suffering for the lack of news however, as our view count keeps on rising. I am happy that’s the case, just it would be nice to write something every day like I was for a few weeks before E3. So if any game developers are reading this, please email me something special. Cheers.

But this doesn’t mean everything is going against me. Me and Vanna are spending more time together, which is always a plus, and my book writing is going well too. I’m going to have some time alone this weekend so I’m hoping to get at least five thousand words done. I’ve got about 90+ pages on Word at the moment, which is around 53000 words. Not too bad for a few months work. Once I’m confident about what I’ve written, I’ll have to post a brief extract or something. We’ll see.

Another thing we’re doing this weekend is going to Meg’s (Vanna’s friend) house for a send off party. One of her brothers, who is in the Air Force, is going to be stationed in Germany for four years. We’ve been invited to say goodbye to him and his family before they head off. I’ve not met them before but I’m sure they’re nice guys (her other brother will be there too; he’s in the Marines) and I wish them well. I’ll let you know how that goes later.

Until then I’ll probably watch Lost. We’re now onto season three and it’s moving along quite nicely. I’ve found it to be good research for my book and I’ve picked up a few new ideas. So not only is it entertaining, it is also inspirational.

Right I best get home before Vanna starts watching the next disc without me. I need to know what happens next. I feel lost without having Lost to watch.

I’m not addicted to it though. Honest.


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