Max Payne 3 DLC Screenshots (Link to Solidus)

A few months ago we published an article about Max Payne 3′s Rockstar pass, a complete bundle that offers you all the DLC for a discounted, one off payment deal. And now, if you’ve purchased said pass, you’ll finally be able to get a taste of what your money has bought you. The first map pack, Local Justice, arrives tomorrow on PS3 and Xbox (17th July for the PC version), and brings you three new maps. Because of it’s delayed release, Local Justice is available at a cheaper price for the first week. It’ll cost you 480 Microsoft Points, or $5.99 on PSN and PC. After that it’ll return to the normal price so if you are buying it separately, buy it now. You can still get the Rockstar Pass and those who do have it will receive Local Justice free of charge.

To celebrate the announcement, Rockstar have also released a few promotional pictures to get us in the mood. So what do we have?

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