Garrison, MN Pictures

Just because we’ve got a three-hour ride ahead of us doesn’t mean we can’t stop and take some pictures, right? Here is a small album of Garrison and Lake Mille Lacs, which is one of the largest lakes in Minnesota. How large? So large you can’t even see the other side. At home we call that a sea.

You can also see Vanna’s Uncle Ben and her Grandpa posing for a couple of pictures with me. I’m the tall blonde one in case you’d forgotten.

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2 thoughts on “Garrison, MN Pictures”

  1. My aunt’s cabin is about 5-10 minutes north of here! We go there every 4th of July. When I was a kid, she used to tell us “Ranger Deirdre” stories about all the cool stuff she’d done, and in one she caught that fish while it was trying to eat her brother (my uncle). Gotta love Garrison! 🙂

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