Going To Como Zoo (Pictures!)

Yesterday we visited the St Paul Como Zoo, which I have linked for you all to have a closer look at (click on it, you know you want to). I’ve been to some really good zoos during my life; Edinburgh, Berlin, Cotswold Wildlife Park…I’ve been spoiled.

Sadly Como isn’t really on the same level as those aforementioned zoos. But considering it’s a free zoo which operates solely on donations, it’s pretty impressive. All the zoos I’ve been to usually cost you an arm and a leg. Como, however, merely suggested you donate a couple of dollars each. I can’t really complain about that.

And it’s fair to say we had a really good time. Vanna brought her zoom lens for her camera for the first time since we’ve been together. She left it at home both times she visited the UK and whenever we’ve been out here she has forgotten to bring it. Yesterday though, she finally had it. At last we’ve got some close up pictures! Close ups of animals. Yay!

Expect more of this later…

All in all the trip was pretty fun. If you ignore the unbearable heat, the desperate need for water and the fact we didn’t get to see the wolves. Oh and the stupid amounts of stupid people getting in our way all the time. Damn children, putting their sweaty hands on the glass so we could barely see the animals through the smudged surface. But yeah, other than that…fantastic experience. The lions were about, the sea lions were showing off and I made eye contact with one of the gorillas. I know. A special bond was formed that day. He even posed for a photograph with me.


In all seriousness I’d have loved visiting Como as a child like Vanna was able to. And not just because of all the animals I could see for free. No, I’d have loved it mostly because there was bumper cars (Dodgems back home) and I’d have spent my entire day on them. I still wanted to have a go today but I wasn’t allowed. Because I’m an adult and I’m too big for them. So instead of having fun crashing into small children and making them cry, I had to wander around with the rest of the adults and look at the animals instead. Pfft. I did manage to get a T-Rex penny though, so the day wasn’t a complete loss.

And things got even better when we got home.  I looked at photos of Vanna from her childhood. Heheheh. I was clever enough, you see, to hide all my childhood pictures when Vanna visited. She has yet to see me during those years. Here though, I’ve got complete access to Vanna’s life. I can see all the albums from 0-19 years, hear all the voice messages she left on their answer machine (such a brat!) and watch the old VHS tapes of her birthday parties. It’s gold. I had so much fun. To her credit she doesn’t mind my teasing. I’d be in the same boat but we didn’t have a video recorder. No embarrassing memories on tape for me!

Unfortunately for you all, I can’t show you any of this so you’ll just have to make do with another picture of a giraffe.

That’s just as good, right?


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