Como Zoo Pictures (Part Three): The Conservatory!

This is the last one. I promise. No more photo albums of Como Zoo. I’m going to be productive after this and write about all the things I’ve done the past few days (listen to 90’s dance music, wish I was in the nineties and shop for clothes) in my usual sarcastic style. But for now this is what you’re getting.

Along with the zoo, there is Como Town and a conservatory. Como Town is for children and has lots of rides (got my penny from here) so we didn’t spend too long in this area (to my despair). The conservatory is much better, with a load of exotic plants and trees. They also had Bonsai Trees so I was pretty much won over. If I hadn’t been so desperate for water I probably would have really enjoyed the beauty and peaceful atmosphere. But it was humid and I was incredibly thirsty so I took some pictures and left it at that. Apparently the conservatory is a popular place for weddings so if you like it , you can fly/drive/walk over and get married here. Just expect a long waiting list. Probably. Who knows? Not me. I don’t have that kind of access. Sorry.

Anyway that’s about it. Don’t I make it sound good? (seriously it is, very pretty and interesting if this sorta thing appeals to you).

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