Tractor Pictures!

Thought I’d ran out of pictures with the Como Zoo albums? Not just yet.

Last week Vanna’s Grandpa and Uncle Ben took us for a drive around the few lakes near their house (oh yeah, you can’t get away from the lakes). We then visited her Great Uncle Joe (her grandpa’s brother) who she hasn’t seen for years. I’d never seen him before but I think that was to be expected.

Anyway Joel is a nice guy and very welcoming. His house was lovely and he has an impressive garden too. While we were having a drink I noticed a lot of John Deere (tractor makers) memorabilia. Tractor lampshade, tractor pens…even tractor Jenga. I thought this was kinda nice and it didn’t look too tacky or anything. I assumed that was it.

Not quite. He took us down to the huge garage at the bottom of his garden. And…wow. It was awesome.

I don’t think I can really describe it so I’ll leave that to the pictures. I apologize for the quality; they were taken with Vanna’s new phone which is clearly not a phone designed to take high quality pictures. But you get the point.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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