The Crosby Best Garden Awards: Introduction And Honorable Mentions


Hello, hello hello, and welcome to the Crosby Best Garden Awards!

For the past week the CBGAs judging team (my girlfriend and I) have worked around the clock to decide which gardens in Crosby deserve to receive the outstanding recognition of being in the top ten of the Crosby Best Garden Awards.

It hasn’t been easy. The competition was fierce and in the absence of any bribes (seriously, there were none at all) we struggled to make any decisions fairly. There were arguments, tantrums and the occasional punch thrown. But after days of intense discussion, we finally made our choices. We were unanimous (eventually) and immensely satisfied with who made our top ten. We just can’t wait to show you.

We will not be making that announcement today, however. Because today is for the gardens that were so very close to making it, but unfortunately fell short at the very last hurdle. You may wonder why we are acknowledging those who have failed, but it is only right to us to commend the efforts of the hardworking gardeners who, with a bit of luck, could have been included in the elite. Everybody is a winner in our eyes, except for the ones which looked horrendous (you know who you are), so it is only right to say “hey, nice job. Better luck next time” to the gardens that were included in our shortlist.

So, without further ado, here are our Honorable Mentions: the gardens that just didn’t quite make it.


Located directly opposite our house, this garden was naturally going to be one of the favorites. The brightly colored and beautiful flowers has always attracted attention and we have no doubt that, at the right time, this garden is top ten material. But the timing of the awards, combined with the tough competition, meant it just wasn’t going to happen.


Vanna, my fellow judge, was always a big fan of this garden. She knew the owner and the effort that went its maintenance. Unfortunately we had to make a choice and inspirational back stories is simply not enough to win the Crosby Best Garden Awards. We are not the X Factor.


This garden was one of my personal favorites. I liked the trees, I liked the little rock areas and I liked the fence that surrounded it. Maybe in another town, it would have won. The Crosby Best Garden Awards, however, demand more.


Another garden that was right next to our house was also a big contender. We liked the cut of its jib and we were impressed with the effort that had gone into making it look so nice, even in this barmy summer. A little bit of patriotism never hurt their cause either. Why didn’t it win? Well it wasn’t very easy to photograph.

And that concludes our honorable mentions. You may be wondering how these beautiful gardens failed to reach our top ten. Well the answer to that is simple; our top ten is the very best of the best. They were judged on a variety of factors and they passed with flying colors. There were no doubts about their place. They deserved to be included in the top ten. They grabbed our attention and never let go. They are simply, the best Crosby has to offer. There was no beating them. They were the elite.

After this ridiculous build up, you’re probably wondering when you’ll get to see the winners of the Crosby Best Garden Awards. The answer to that question is…tomorrow.

That’s right. In about 24 hours (more or less) we will announce the winners of the Crosby Best Garden Awards.

Please, please please, don’t miss out. You don’t want to regret not being here. It’s going to be awesome.

Yours Faithfully

Alex Best

CBGA’s founder, president and main judge


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