Crosby Best Garden Awards: Top Ten!

After yesterday’s introduction, it is now time for the Crosby Best Garden Awards main event! Today we are going to run through the top ten gardens in Crosby, going from that very respectable tenth spot to the cream of the crop at number one.

It’s all very exciting, isn’t it? What are we going to see? Who will be announced as the winner? Will they deserve it?

Well let’s not delay the proceedings any further. Here is the CBGAs countdown, starting with number ten.


Beautiful house, neat lawn and look at that ivy on the garage! We loved how understated it looks, and how subtle its beauty is. It did get us thinking however, that this garden could have perhaps given us more. It’s still pretty good though.


We’ve always admired this garden, with a well maintained lawn and that impressive rock garden catching our eye every time. That decking isn’t too bad either, so this house definitely has good curb appeal.


This garden is a little bit different and we like it. It might not require the same effort as others in this list but it’s very neat and leaves a nice impression. We can’t forget about it anyway. Good effort.


We were caught by surprise by this garden. Completely missed when we were first scouting, it was only just spotted when we were taking our photographs. With that pretty willow tree and that ornate centerpiece (made better by the water feature) it was a definite top ten.


Another one of my personal favorites, the border of potted plants and the well-manicured lawn made for a very attractive yard. This house doesn’t really have much property around it, especially when you compare it to others on this list, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying something. Very underrated. Except by us of course.


Now competition is getting a little harder as we reach the top five. This is Vanna’s choice, with ‘cute’ being her overall definition of this garden. And it’s hard to disagree. Not only is the garden well looked after in the back, so is the house front. That always impresses us here at the CBGA’s. It’s all about the curb appeal. Oh and patriotism. It does well there too.


Hanging baskets. A lovely white archway. Bold, colorful flowers. And to top it all off, a patriotic flag stuck right in the middle. We cycled across two blocks just to reach this property. There is a reason it recently won the ‘yard of the month’ in the Crosby Courier (obviously a competition less prestigious than ours but it still has some referral merit). Lovely.

Now to build up a little bit of tension we’re going to finish up the top ten on a separate post. Who will take 3rd? Who gets that runner up silver medal? And of course, who comes out on top with the Crosby Best Gardens Award? Follow this link to find out… (or you can click on the heading at the side…your choice >)


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