Crosby Best Garden Awards: Top Three!

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Everything about this garden is superb. I really don’t think you could improve it. You’ve got the pretty flower decorations on each side of the garden, a pretty tree in the middle plus the colorful window boxes. Even the deck chairs don’t look out-of-place. This is great landscaping and fully deserving of a place in the top three.

It’s only going to get better  from here…


Isn’t this garden magnificent? The front yard is attractive enough but it’s the back which is truly delightful. Vanna and I had never even seen this house before but I doubt we’ll ever forget about it now. You cannot fault the effort which has gone into this garden. It’s so colorful, so beautiful. Simply breathtaking. How could you ever beat it?

Well it wasn’t easy. But there is one garden which tops everything that you’ve seen so far. It rightfully deserves top spot, the gold medal and all the acclaim. Shame we can only give one of those things. But here it is, the winning garden of the Crosby Best Garden Awards 2012!


Words can’t really describe this garden. It’s a work of art. From the very beginning of this competition, we knew this was the one to beat. It’s a masterpiece. As far as gardens go, it’s inspirational. We’ve ran out of superlatives to use so we’re just going to let the pictures do the rest.

And so we finish the CBGA’s top ten. It’s been a great time, cycling along every street of Crosby to find the most attractive gardens that this town has to offer. It wasn’t always easy, but it was definitely worth it. You might disagree with some of our selections, or perhaps our ordering, but we think it is impossible for you to argue that our number one doesn’t deserve it. It was a worthy winner.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the show and have been entertained by what the CBGA’s have offered today. Don’t forget that our closing ceremony is tomorrow, offering our thoughts and opinions on this year’s awards along with some of the cool ideas we came across on our travels around town. Don’t miss out.

Thank you, and goodbye for now.


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