Home On The Horizon

So my time in America is reaching an end. In a few short weeks I’ll be getting on a plane in Minneapolis and heading home to the sunny north-east of England via a short layover in Amsterdam. Oh joy.

After spending the past three months in Minnesota you’d probably think I’m ready to go home. And I’d probably agree; surely it’s time to get back home where I’m supposed to be. But in reality, I’m happy here and I have no urgency to get home. I’m going to have a terrible time leaving my girlfriend behind; it’ll  be much harder than it ever has before and that is saying something. We’ve been together for the longest period in our relationship so suddenly being pulled apart once again will be difficult to get used to.

However we will be together again in January for a full six months so at least we have something to look forward to. I feel our separations are a lot easier when we have something to look forward to. Hopefully the months we will be busy in the upcoming months so our time apart doesn’t drag on too much.

I for one, know I’m going to be busy. The key word is responsibility (gulp). I’ve got to get myself a job and then find us a flat for next year. I also need to work harder on some aspects of my writing. I need to be prepared. I can allow myself a few weeks to get used to life back in England (hey, I’ve not xboxed for ages and the new football season starts on my return) but after that I need to be out that door, doing the things that I need to do. No more being lazy.


For now though, I’m just going to focus on enjoying the rest of my time here. Now that Vanna has her car we are now able to go wherever we want, whenever we want (Duluth on Wednesday). Furthermore there are several other events to look forward to, such as the thrills of Valley Fair, the Deerwood Summer Fest and the Crosby fair thing. We also have Heritage Days…whatever they are. I’m also hoping to go on a few bike rides too so I actually weigh less than I did when I came into this fatty country.

Right then, I should probably go. I think Vanna and I are going to explore the magical town of Brainerd. Oooh!




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