Getting Ready For Our First Road Trip!

After being left behind yesterday for “girl’s day” (I was later invited and picked up because the void created by my absence was evidently unbearable but that’s not the point) I was half expecting to not be included in today’s trip to Duluth. Thankfully Vanna didn’t have any second thoughts about bringing me and we’ll be heading off sometime in the next hour. Why am I using the internet when I should be busy preparing? Well Vanna needs to print off some books and I wanted to go online. Don’t judge me!

So what are we going to do in Duluth?

Well our plans really depend on weather so I won’t tell you precisely what we’re doing because…well we don’t even know just yet. Maybe Gooseberry Falls, Canal Park…it’s not supposed to be a great forecast so we might end up just doing indoorsy things. But we’re going to have fun, and that’s all that matters. Yeah!

For you who aren’t in the know about Duluth, here are some important facts to give you an idea of what it’s about. They are also the only ones I can think of from the top of my head and they aren’t 100% accurate. But hey, if you want to know more, look it up. I’m not an Encyclopedia.

Right then…

  • Duluth is on the shores of Lake Superior
  • Duluth was recently flooded, despite being mostly on a hill
  • Vanna goes to school in Duluth
  • Duluth has a lift bridge and a maritime museum
  • Duluth has a seagull problem.

Don’t you all feel so enlightened right now? I’m great at doing that for people. I open your minds to a world of possibilities. If you need more here is a link to my travel piece that I wrote for a competition. It didn’t win but hey, it’s good enough to read.

Okay, now Vanna is shouting at me so I should go. We’re bringing the camera so I’ll make sure we get plenty of pictures from our first ride out in the new car. Speak to you all later!


P.S It is raining pretty heavily at the moment so chances are we’ll be indoors all day. But I’ll take pictures of the mall for you all!


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