Feeling The Love For Kanye West: My (Terrible) Analysis Of Modern Pop Music

Because I love you all, here’s a little something to lighten up your weekends. I’ve been meaning to post this for a few weeks now, but I never got round to it. Too busy I suppose*.

Following on from my 90’s nostalgia, I’ve started venturing into the other delights (horrors?) that Vanna’s music collection offers. Usually I stick to my own albums or Last FM (which just offers me music similar to what I already like) so my knowledge of pop music is pretty much nonexistence. Were it not for my visits to the odd club, I would have no idea about what’s going on now. Names sound familiar but they could all be the same person. I’d literally have no idea. That is how out of touch I truly am.

So as you’d expect, listening to the music on this Ipod was quite an eye opener for me. I heard Nicky Minaj (unfortunately), Ke$ha (did I do that right? Should I have done?) LMFAO  (unfortunately) and plenty other of similarly irrelevant musicians that offer nothing to me**. I did my best to try though, I really did. I listened to the song to the very end, did my best to ignore my impulse to switch it off and even tried to work out what the lyrics were. Sometimes I sussed out each word and immediately wished I hadn’t.

But even the stuff that didn’t make me want to much something failed to interest me. It simply just doesn’t do anything for me. Pop music (be that hip hop, dance, techno, whatever) goes straight through me. It is easy listening because there is no real distinction to it, no real strength and more often than not I immediately forget about it. The only songs that usually stick in my head are for the wrong reasons; ‘stupid hoe’ because it has the most irritatingly bad grammar, or ‘bulletproof’ for its blatant factual inaccuracies. Everything else is simply forgotten.

Except Cher Lloyd, who has unfortunately has ingrained her brain destroying songs fully into my subconscious. I haven’t even heard a full song but evidently one minute of her awfulness is enough to cause my brain to hemorrhage. I know I should support English acts but I can’t stand her (can’t stand Mark Ronson either, but that’s a huge digression that I only included so I could indulge my hatred, and thus should never be mentioned beyond this incredibly spaced set of parenthesis) and I feel it reflects badly on England as a nation when awful artists like Cher Lloyd somehow make a name for themselves in the US***.

Oh and there was one, other exception. Not for destroying my brain, being factual inaccurate or having terrible grammar (although those last two probably do have some input somewhere along the line), but for actually being enjoyable to listen to. I know, how can it be? Or more specifically, who can it be?

Kanye West****

It’s hard not to have heard of Kanye West. After all, even I’ve heard about him. Clearly he’s a little bit special but I can’t help but like him. He’s different and I suppose that doesn’t bother me.

So I found myself enjoying his music. They’ve been added to my playlist and I’ll probably take the tracks home with me. I intend on taking it a step further too; I’ve been searching for his albums on Amazon.

I don’t really know why. I don’t like rap, I don’t like hip hop and I have no real aversion to techno. Yet I quite like his style. I find him interesting. Whether it’s the blend he makes or I have some relation to his lyrics (I’m all about those ho’s) I don’t know. But I like him.

Hmm. What lesson have I learnt from this?

Well I suppose not everything is black and white. You can’t just deride all popular music for being terrible. For the most part it is, but there still are some talented individuals out there. I’m not saying Kanye West is one (Cher Lloyd certainly isn’t though) but at least he’s doing something unique*****.

But then again, what do I know? I love metal but I listen to Gene Pitney. I’m probably not the best person to pay attention to.

In fact, just ignore everything I’ve said. It’s probably best that way. For all of us.

*Or I decided it wasn’t good enough to publish. Hmm. Well standards slip when you’ve only got five minutes, and beggars can’t be choosers. Enjoy!

**One game I like to play when we’re listening to the radio is ‘Bruno Mars or not Bruno Mars?’ I know a few of his songs but it seems like every song is his. Either there are a lot of singers who sound like him, or Bruno Mars just happens to have released about fifty songs. I don’t what the genuine answer is. I’ll keep working on it and let you know what I find out.

*** And yet you completely denied wor Cheryl (Cole; who Cher Lloyd has imitated) because her accent was tee hard for your American ears tee understand. Yer should be ashamed of yerselves, wor Cheryl is a goddess. (My attempt at converting Geordie, a north east regional accent, which is where Cheryl Cole, a moderately talented singer, and myself,  are from, into text)

****The answer is in the title so this really shouldn’t be a surprise. Also, I need a new system when it comes to footnotes because more than three asterisks just looks stupid.

*****Or is he? I don’t know, I’m just guessing in an attempt to make a point. He sounds unique enough to me.


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