New Borderlands 2 Screenshots (Link to Solidus)

This is a preview to my preview!

Only one more month folks, and Borderlands 2 will be on our doorsteps. Only one more month until we’re knee deep in looting, ridiculously huge guns and fighting mutant enemies that have only one goal in life; killing us. Oh, it’s going to be glorious.

What has made us all excited about Borderlands 2 this time? Well Gearbox have decided to release some new screenshots, depicting numerous action scenes, locations and the boss we’ll be fighting at the end of Borderlands 2; Terramorphous the Invincible. He (she?) is in screenshot 1. Get studying for potential weaknesses now.

There are also screens showing how Gearbox has improved player customization, but we will go into greater detail on features such as this next week in our Borderlands 2 Preview! Our preview will also cover the new characters, abilities, weapons (well some of them!), vehicles and everything else that you need to know about Borderlands! Trust me, it’s going to be awesome. Don’t miss out!

Screenshots here


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