Feeling Lost Without Her…And Lost Without Lost



It’s been difficult the past few days, really difficult. Although I’m happy to be home, with British television (FOOTBALL!) and British food (I’ve eaten so much Red Leicester cheese…), I can’t help but miss the girl I’ve gotten used to having around. After three solid months of being together, splitting from my girlfriend once again has been harder than ever. It makes me wonder how our previous trips together, which were all three and a half weeks total, were ever enough. How can it be? This summer has flown by at such a depressing rate I’m surprised we even managed to do anything in less than just one month.

And I know I’ve said this before but I feel it’s worth repeating. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks time goes by too quickly, or at least our perception of it does. Remember the days when you were six or seven, and days seemed to last as long as a week? Good times, good times.

Anyway, Vanna isn’t the only thing I’m missing (obviously she’s by far the biggest influence). I’m also missing Lost.

As regular readers will know, Vanna, who is a big fan of the series, borrowed all the seasons of Lost on DVD for me to watch. Although I’d heard about the show and admitted it sounded interesting, I’d never bothered to watch a single minute of it. Once I started watching this summer however, it wasn’t long until I’d become addicted to it. I wasn’t as bad as Vanna and her friends, but I certainly had my favorite characters and I was invested in the plot and how the story would pan out. The series may have had its critics but I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything else that could ever compare when you think about how deep and elaborate the show is. How everything connects and every single character has a fantastic back story that has relevance to everything else that goes on…it’s simply fantastic. If you haven’t watched it I really suggest you do. I’d promote this more than I would Spiderman, and I love Spiderman, so this should show how impressed I am with Lost.

Anyway, back to the point. On our last full day together where it would just be the two of us (Friday) Vanna and I finally finished Lost (well second time for her). I won’t spoil the ending for you but I thought it was great and to me, made perfect sense. I was fully satisfied and my only real disappointment was that it was all over. We’d watched all six seasons and now it’s finished.

So what am I supposed to do now? There are no other television series that have gripped me recently, and I very much doubt anything will draw me into it’s world like Lost did. It’s comparable to Mass Effect, such is the impact that the show has made on me. Without it, I do indeed feel lost. It ws something Vanna and I would do together, pretty much every single day. All I’ve got on DVD here is Tintin, and no matter how much I big the boy reporter up, he simply doesn’t compare. I can’t obsess over his adventures; they isn’t the drama or depth to draw me in like Lost did. So not only do I not have Vanna, I also don’t have anything to keep me entertained when there is nothing else to do. Well I do, because I have an Xbox, but still. You know what I mean.

We also watched Spiderman 3 and The Campaign on Friday too. I was desperate to see Spiderman 3 again, especially as I realised that I didn’t really remember most of it. Afterwards Vanna and I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t as bad as people made out, and the issue wasn’t the emo scene or the fact there was three villains (although it would have helped to have only two). It was simply just bad pacing. They needed to make the film longer (which I think they would have done now, but at that point they probably felt they couldn’t get away with it) or adapt the storyline. The problem was everything went by too fast, so you couldn’t get the emotional connection that you did in the first and second Spidermans. Perhaps they should have just made it two villains, but clearly it was meant to be a trilogy so they wanted to go out with a bang. As a result it was rushed to make everything fit in. Make it a two and half hour movie, or perhaps three, and problem solved. Or cut a few bits out so the important parts create enough of an impact so that we care what happens. I don’t know. I’m just frustrated because I want it to be awesome, and it had the ingredients to be awesome, but it just wasn’t. Now we’re (or at least I am) stuck with a bitter taste in our (my) mouth because Spiderman 3 didn’t quite make it and as a result we’re stuck with some new over cocky Spiderman instead of Tobey, who suited the role perfectly (and I don’t care what you say, because he did) and deserved better plaudits for his role as Spiderman.  He was great.

Oh and what about The Campaign? Well it sucked. It really did. Don’t watch it, unless your sense of humour is relatively simple. I do like Will Ferrell’s style, but this was eh. Perhaps I’m just getting more critical, but The Campaign was a huge disappointment. My recommendation? Watch Lost instead. It might take a lot longer but trust me, you won’t regret it.


One last though on Spiderman 3… (SPOILERS!)

I actually think they’d made it into a quadrology (trilogys are overrated anyway). Then he could have fought the Green Goblin in 3, battling off against his best friend, plus the symbiote that was making his personality change. At the end he manages to beat the symbiote and Green Goblin, who doesn’t die, while getting MJ back after losing her to Harry (similar to how Spiderman 3 goes).

Then in Spiderman 4, Venom (who was made from the symbiote that Spiderman defeated; maybe a hint to this at the end of S3) and the Sandman, both having proper back stories, fight against Spiderman. Spiderman struggles against these two enemies, and tries to persuade Harry, who is now all deformed and full of hatred, to back him up. He refuses to but finally helps out, dying in the process of stopping Venom and Sandman who die in a more convincing fashion.

And there we have it. S3 sets up S4 and has a lot of emotional drama in it as Spiderman deals with morality, the symbiote, MJ and having to fight his best friend, while S4 is action packed, with the challenge of facing two enemies at once and then the last-minute drama of his old friend finally doing what is right creating the connection between you and the film.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?


5 thoughts on “Feeling Lost Without Her…And Lost Without Lost”

  1. Who is this girl you are talking about? I remember the days when MY cheese lasted all week!!

    Good to have you back son, lets hope its not forever!

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