Who Gives A? (Number 2!)

I’ve been home for less than a week and I’m already getting annoyed at things. I’ve not left the house and I’ve spent most of my time in my bedroom or on the living room sofa, but still, I’m already annoyed. What is bothering me? Let me tell you…

The Dog Next Door

While I was in the States, the dog behind our house would not stop barking. Ever. Whenever somebody talks, walks, or even coughs, in the vicinity of Bear (appropriate name), Bear would start barking. For the entire three months I was there I don’t think a single day went by without him barking at something (or probably nothing). Sometimes there wouldn’t be anyone there. He’d just bark. Incessantly. At all hours.

According to Vanna, Bear never used to be this way. He was a nice little puppy, but he was put in a cage (which he has never ever ever left since) and got angry at the world. It is appalling, and Vanna’s family have rang the authorities several times, to see if they could help this situation. Unfortunately nothing has been done and Bear continues to annoy the neighbourhood every night.  And my sleep was repeatedly interrupted, so obviously I wasn’t impressed.

At home though, I don’t have this issue. I’m not saying I live in a quiet area, but the double glazing we have does a great job of silencing the cars etc. It’s relatively peaceful, you know?

Until I came back. Our next door neighbour has a dog. Apparently he had it (don’t know the gender) before I left but I’d never seen or heard any sign of it. I was blissfully ignorant. Not any more.

For the past few days that damned dog has barked, barking, barking for hours. Not as loud or irritating as Bear, but still an annoying background noise to the day. The reason behind this sudden increase in dog related noise is because they are doing home improvements and the dog is outside all the time. When it’s indoors, we can’t hear it. When it’s outside we aren’t so lucky. Smashing.

So please, Mr whatever your name is next door, please give your dog a toy or something, anything, that will entertain it. Please. It’s ruining my afternoon doze.


Can the Olympics not be finished now? Although I was happy that we hosted it (and more importantly did a good job both in hosting and in the medal table) I feel it’s time to hush up about it. I’m already sick of all the stories about athletes on the regional news. Where are the usual stories about school children answering stupid questions or pictures of dogs in action poses? I hate them too, but I’ve grown familiar with them. Can we not go back to those days again?

Obviously it’s going to go on for a while longer as London has the Paralympics now. And I’m not going to say that the Paralympics shouldn’t be on television because hey, they are just as impressive and inspirational as the Olympic athletes. It’s just that I’m bored of athletics in general and I want to focus on the important stuff again. Like the football.

Today for example, there has been several stories on the Paralympic flame. We’ve already had hours of football of the Olympic torch, so the Paralympic equivalent seems somewhat unnecessary, especially when you see the coverage. Reporters will ask the same stupid questions and get the same obvious answers. “How does it feel to hold the flame?” they will ask. There will only be one answer to this. Amazing, or a synonym of amazing, words like “it’s a one in a lifetime opportunity” and possibly a tribute to somebody they know.

It seems even worse when you look at what the torch bearers are holding as they pass through the North East. We don’t get the proper Paralympic torch you see. Oh no. We get little lamps, ‘splinters’ of the actual flame. You can barely see them when they parade through the street. What’s the point?

Another thing that bothers me is that the Paralympics and Olympics should be considered equal, right? There should be no discrimination towards the Paralympics because those athletes have arguably endured a lot more to get to where they are (except for that infamous Spanish basketball team that is). Yet look at the Paralympics logo…

And in case you forgot, here is the Olympic logo.

Is it just me who sees something wrong here? Please, somebody, tell me it’s not just me.
Writing about myself

I think this is something everybody probably understands. Who likes talking about themselves, and how good they are? If any of you do, be quiet, you’re not invited to this conversation. For all those who find it one of the worst chores in the world…well I feel your pain.

At the moment I’m writing covering letters for job applications, meaning I have to do my very best to big up my abilities. But because I need a job, it is something I have to do. The amount of times I’ve written ‘well organised’, ‘quick to adapt’ and ‘responsible’ (to list a few) the past few days is depressing. I feel like a broken record. I have sent away for four different jobs though, which is a start.

Fingers crossed I will get a reply soon. With Vanna on the way I’ll need something quick!

Bad Weather

Self explanatory isn’t it? I’m back in Britain after all.





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