Storage Wars: The Buyers

Continuing on from yesterday’s blog about my new favourite television show Storage Wars, I’m now going to introduce you to the buyers that the series follows. Every episode is based around these five people and after watching hours and hours of Storage Wars I feel I’ve got a good idea on what they are all about.

Essentially I’m doing this to informthose of you who have never watched this show what to expect from these buyers. Each person has their own little description and a picture so you can memorize them for when you start watching. Obviously I might not be right about everything in my descriptions, but they are only my opinion/judgement AND you’ll only know that they were wrong if you’ve seen the show before, which means you shouldn’t be reading this anyway. In other words, ignore this and carry on reading everybody.

So lets start with…

Dave Hester

Dave is the most successful out the group, and therefore the one who is the most disliked. It could also be because he usually outbids everybody else; it could be because he likes to knock up the prices for his opposition, or it could be because he takes every opportunity to tell them that he is top dog and they are merely amateurs. Take your pick.

As you may have noticed it on his cap in the above photo, Dave has a catchphrase. When bidding he will use his long elongated yup to catch attention from the auctioneers.  The other buyers find this irritating because Dave has an annoying tendency to shout out at the very last second.

Dave’s large empire allows him to go for the bigger storage lockers with plenty of content, as he can simply just bring along his trucks and haul everything away (which the rest of them can’t). These vehicles are also emblazoned with ‘Yup’ ,resulting in a lot of ridicule from the group.

Despite his detractors, however, Dave doesn’t often lose money. More often than not he’ll make a hefty product simply because he can take everything and sell it, even if it is something pretty uninteresting…like clothes or books.

What do I think of him? He’s all right. I’m happy for him to succeeed, and his yup is amusing, but he makes things hard for the rest of them. Why can’t they all just play nice? On the other hand my dad likes him and has adopted ‘yup’ as his own catchphrase. So there you go.

Darrell Sheets

Darrell Sheets is my favourite. I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because he is the most normal out of the group. He stays fairly consistent throughout and doesn’t really criticize the others like Dave does. Him and his son Brandon have a small operation and usually make their money back and then some, even if not on the same level as Dave. His focus is finding something different or unique (as he is also a collector) to sell, and he has surprisingly good knowledge on a variety of objects. Darrell likes a gamble, but unlike Jarrod (see below) it usually pays off.

Oh and here’s his son.

I just think they are likeable guys. I like to think that is who me and my dad would be if we were American storage locker buyers. A flattering comparison I know.

Barry Weiss

Probably the fan favourite, Barry is just there for a fun time. He doesn’t really go for the good lockers; he normally picks the ones that everybody else thinks is garbage. More often that not they are, resulting in Barry struggling to make his money back but occasionally he will find something pretty interesting in amongst the tat.

And that really, is all that matters for him. Finding something different. Otherwise his amusement comes from the overall experience and it’s difficult not to like him. Even when he’s losing money he’s funny. He’ll drive over to the place in the most ridiculous of vehicles (I’m guessing he has at least fifty different cars, motorbikes, buses..) and start making jokes, one-liners and so forth. He’ll also bring some odd gadgets to try to get an advantage over everybody else, which usually results in failure.

Simply put, a nice old man enjoying life.

What’s even better is how many famous people he knows, like the guitarist from Aerosmith or the drummer from Police. He gets around does Barry.

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante

A husband and wife team who usually spend their time mocking each other and bickering. A typical couple really.

Their business is  less stable than the others, so they can’t really afford to make a loss on their buys. Unfortunately they regularly do because of Jarrod’s poor purchasing. He’s a risk taker, you see, and usually bids on lockers that Brandi has told him not to. She’ll says no, then he’ll immediately up the bid. As a result they’ll take digs at each other when they are rooting through the locker, as usually the decision, according to them, was either hers or his. And if they fail, they’ll not have any money for the business or their family. Uh oh.

Having said that, they are still fairly capable of finding something decent. They have expanded their store and you can tell they both put in the effort. And despite Jarrod’s arrogance, he is still relatively easy to like.

Much like the others, you want them to do well. Or at least I do. And if I want them to succeed, then surely everybody else will, because face it, I’m usually the one who wants people on these kind of shows to fail (I’m lovely like that). But here, I’m happy for them all to make money. Even Dave.

To conclude I just love this show. It’s educational, interesting, funny and I can watch it without commercial breaks. That is what you call a winner.

One last thing; you’re probably wondering who the couple on the left are. They are Dan and Laura Dotson, the auctioneers. They’ll tour around the storage lockers around California too, handling the sales of the lockers for a percentage of the profit. They’re nice enough.

Okay, that is this blog finished. And it’s the end of my posts on Storage Wars too. I promise I won’t talk about it again, I’ll get some new material and share things of greater importance than my love for a television programme. And I’ll do my best to stick to this promise too. Honestly.


I’ll still probably break it though. So be warned there’s a good chance that I’ll inevitably start talking about it again next week or something. Woops.


Pictures courtesty of A&E productions.


2 thoughts on “Storage Wars: The Buyers”

    1. Well I’m not sure how popular it is in the UK but the latest series started a few weeks ago so somebody must be watching it!
      Enjoyed the post, can’t say I have had such dreams! I do like Barry though. Darrell too.

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