An Unproductive Day

I don’t know what the problem is, but I’m really struggling to find any enjoyment out of the things I usually enjoy doing. The Xbox has been the worst hit, as a lot of the games I want to play I suddenly don’t have the energy to bother with. For the past few weeks I’ve wanted to play Assassins Creed. I start it up, refresh myself with the story…and five minutes later I’m bored. Borderlands 2 came out the other day and I’ve been waiting for that for months. Play it twice…and I’m suddenly not in the mood to play it any more.

And it’s not just gaming that seems to bore me. I haven’t had the same appetite for watching television, surfing the internet or going on the bike for half an hour. All the things I usually do in my spare time just haven’t held my interest in the same way. Even my complaining has less  bite than usual. My heart just isn’t in it.

Hmm. Maybe it is just a temporary feeling that will end tomorrow. After all I had a great weekend so perhaps a lack of productivity today has resulted in my mood being unsettled. I haven’t really done anything of note, and with an unsuccessful morning talking to my bank (asking if I could get a statement for work but apparently I can’t just pick it up from my branch they have to send it to me…thanks) and waiting for a guy to turn up and buy our old car (obviously he didn’t show), I’ve not really been able to do what I wanted to have done.

And of course it is a Monday. Nobody likes Mondays.

Hopefully everything will go to plan tomorrow. I need these bank documents. I actually want to start work sooner rather than later…even if it does mean I’ll have to get up early.


If you want to see me in full complaining mode, click on my ‘who gives a?’ links.  Here’s part  1, 2 and 3.


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