Exciting News!

As the title says, exciting news! After months of timid pestering (plus the odd mention in passing; oh yes, I know how to be persuasive) my girlfriend Vanna has finally accepted to become a contributor to this blog!

Essentially she’ll probably use this blog to complain about the things that bother her (you can tell we were meant to be together can’t you?) but I expect we’ll see plenty of her amazing photography too. Otherwise she has a free rein to post whatever she wants (I even made her an author so I have no control over what she publishes) but if I find my blog inundated with lolcats or something I will be forced to act. Hopefully it’ll not come to that.

I am really excited about this and I can’t wait to see what she writes about.  After years of writing letters to each other I’m familiar with her style and her writing, which despite being filled with those awful Americanisms (not her fault obviously), is very entertaining. It’ll offer you a different perspective and I think that is important. Instead of reading about my complaints that are laced with sarcasm, you might read Vanna’s complaints which are more light-hearted. Hooray for variety!

When will you hear from the new author? Well I’ll leave that decision up to her. Vanna has a busy few days coming up (something she can explain to you later) so it might be a while before she gets the opportunity to introduce herself. But don’t worry, I’ll still be writing most days as always. Of course with Vanna contributing you might not hear from me every day because, well, she’ll be doing my job for me!

Heheh. Sucker.

I mean uh, welcome to writingonthecidatel Vanna! Love you!


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