Going On The Train!

In a few hours I’ll be heading down south to visit some old friends. Last minute plans but very excited to be going.  I’m not sure what we are going to get up to (and you all probably don’t want to know) but it should be fun.

As a result I’ll not be blogging this weekend (probably) as there is a good chance I won’t be in any fit state to. Then once I’m back I should hopefully be starting work. My bank got back to me last night (after six as it happens) and told me I could use a transaction history statement instead. Well thanks for that. Why didn’t anybody else point this out to me earlier, you know, in the four calls I had to your ‘helpline?’

Never mind. Point is I have my second proof of address.

Right, I should really go. Busy afternoon in front of me! I’ll try to get Vanna to post something instead but that might not be possible.

So I shall see you all on Monday!

Have a great weekend everybody!




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