Homeward Bound, Safe And Sound

Not sure if the title makes sense but it rhymed so I stuck with it. Send your complaints on the back of a postcard please.

Anyway I am home and in full health after having an amazing weekend down in Harrogate. There was a lot of drinking, eating, cursing (mostly at the people who kept walking out in front of the car) and generally just having a good time. I will talk in more detail sometime during the next week but for now I’m keeping it short.

Why? Well my first day of work is tomorrow and I’m starting early. I’m also shattered so I want to go to bed.

I will blog tomorrow but it will be later than usual as I’ll probably get home at around 6pm (when I usually post) if I’m lucky (relying on buses to be, well…reliable is a foolish venture). And because I can’t write a full post in ten minutes (my type of irrelevant ranting takes commitment) it might take a little longer.

Otherwise everything else be the same as usual.

Right, sleepy time.

Goodnight all.

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