Washington Wild Fowl Park Photos (Christmas 2011)

Last Christmas I took Vanna to Washington Wild Fowl Park, a bird sanctuary place that I’ve went to many many times during my childhood. The weather was pretty damn awful but we had a great time regardless. Even all the screaming children didn’t ruin our experience. Obviously Vanna loved it but it was pretty good for me to see how much the place has changed over the years. Thankfully Vanna hasn’t had access to the pictures of me in the WWF (wrestling jokes will be punished) when I was younger (embarrassing) so she had to take her own pictures instead. And because I’d completely forgotten about these pictures, I’d never even thought about uploading them until now. But because I’ve now found them while I was perusing my computer files and because I have nothing better to talk about, you are finally going to see them! Yeah.

Ahem. So there you go. Enjoy! (pics underneath slideshow too; if you love ducks it’s worth checking out)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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