Lads Weekend Away (Part Two)

Only one more day and I will be heading off down south, on the train, for another weekend with my friends. You might recall me mentioning my time down in Harrogate last month; this was the weekend before I started work and therefore probably not the time to go out on a pub crawl. Did it stop me? Of course not.

This time, however, we are doing things differently. We’re still drinking and generally just having a laugh, but instead of doing it in Harrogate, we’re heading further south to Alton Towers; an amusement park in Staffordshire.

That’s right. We’re incorporating roller coasters and other G-force rides to the equation. Sounds like a great idea…

Now I’ve never been to Alton Towers before and I have never gone on any real rides either…so it is fair to say I am somewhat apprehensive about the trip. I’m sure I’ll be fine but it isn’t something I have a great deal of experience with. Is my body capable of managing such feats? I’m bringing spare clothes just in case…

But I’m still looking forward to the trip though. It will be great to see the guys again, and considering how fun it was when we met up in early October, I’m execting a similar level of enjoyment this time too…rides or no rides. I’m also going to meet Patrick (“Forgeman”), who I’ve known for years, so that’ll be interesting too.

And because I’m a nice guy, I’m just going to quickly give a plug for his business…so if you live in the Yorkshire area (though I gather they will head further afield if necessary) and want/need to have some work on your garden or yard done , here is a link to Chameleon Landscaping’s website. You couldn’t get a nicer guy to work for you.

…That all right Pat? Can I have my free pint now?


Anyway, we’ve also booked ourselves into a hotel on the Saturday night, so I might actually get a decent night’s sleep. Last month I had Gary’s dogs trying to climb over me the first night, while the second I had the misfortune of getting up to get a drink or to go to the bathroom (one of the two), finding my sofa occupied on my return. I had to sleep sitting up…not the most comfortable of positions to be perfectly honest with you. So as you can imagine, the prospect of a lovely hotel room with a lovely hotel bed works wonders for me.

Right I best go. I need to pack everything I want with me now as I won’t be coming home on Friday to do it then. Instead I’ll be heading directly from work to the train station. This does mean I’ll be lumping my hold all around with me but hopefully it won’t be too bad and I won’t get too many strange looks on the bus tomorrow morning…

Have a great weekend everybody! Hopefully I’ll return in one piece next Monday. If not…well it was nice knowing you!


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