Thank Crunchie It’s Friday

Sorry about yesterday. I know the blog isn’t usually a place full of light-hearted whimsy but I imagine it was a bit of a surprise to hear about a beloved cat being run over.

Or maybe it was just Vanna who felt that way. She certainly expressed her opinion on the matter to me later. In my defence I did say several times that it wasn’t for her. But typically she ignored the warnings and read it anyway. And got upset. Now she’s calling me heartless for not doing anything. I think that is a little harsh, especially when you consider the bigger picture. There were two others there, for starts. And more importantly, I did have a bus to catch. So let’s lay off the insults, eh Vanna?

At least we’ve got something to celebrate now though. It’s the end of another week: ah yes, it’s Friday! The weekend begins here and I couldn’t be happier. Says a lot about my week really considering I was only in for three days. But it’s over now and I can’t wait to do…absolutely nothing the next few days. I have no plans whatsoever but it’s a good thing. Ever since I started work I’ve always been doing something but tomorrow, tomorrow I can lie in! No more meetings in Newcastle; no  waking up early to buy a new laptop or no early start in Harrogate. Nothing. I can just wake up whenever I want. It’s amazing.

You don’t know how much that means it me. I’m not even talking about getting up late to be honest; waking up at the dizzying time of ten am would be enough for me. I might even stay up past midnight first so going to sleep is even more enjoyable.

Yeah I need to get a grip but hey, let me have this one.

And that’s not all I plan to do. Hopefully I’ll get some writing done this weekend too. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on my novel, so I’m a bit stiff when it comes to creative writing. But by the end of the weekend, if things go to plan, this will have changed. My bad run will be over and I’ll have written up a few chapters of my book. Fingers crossed. It’s been tough going the past few months. Most evenings I’m too tired to do anything so I need to use my free time to get going again. See how it goes.

In addition to this I’ll have to spend some time sorting through my room. The house move is getting closer and closer so I really should spend some time deciding what is going with me and what is being thrown on the scrap heap.

My “Helpful” father has already been “helping” my sorting out process by throwing out a lot of my childhood possessions (nothing valuable before you protest). How kind of him! Now that most decisions have been taken out my hands, it is a much simpler job. Most of the stuff in my room is either unwanted Christmas gifts, books or old Xbox magazines. It shouldn’t be too difficult to clear out that kind of stuff. Unlike Vanna, I am not a hoarder. Besides, the less stuff I bring with me, the less stuff I need to unpack and find a place for. Considering our new home needs some work and I won’t be settled, having as few boxes as possible is probably a good thing.

My main concern, however, is internet and my television. What will I do without them? Doesn’t even bear thinking about…I’ll just have to cross that bridge later on. But if you don’t hear from me for a while…you’ll know why.

What else will I be up to this weekend? Well I should really play Medal Of Honor Warfighter and get it completed. My motivation for it has gone completely but it’s a solid game. You know, I did previews on that, Assassin’s Creed 3, Forza Horizon and Dishonored. I thought all of them were amazing. Typically though, I get the one game out of the four that I probably wasn’t really in the mood for. And I only have enough money to buy two of the three others so I’m thinking I should complete Medal of Honor and trade it in afterwards, which, admittedly does go against my belief of keeping all my games (hey I’m allowed to hoard some things), but it does get me another game for a low figure. But which one should I pick? Add in Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 and suddenly the decision is even harder.

Again, typical. All these great games come out when I don’t have the time to actually play them. Or have the money for them.

Ugh. What a dilemma. Can somebody just make me a millionaire already? Then these middling problems would be solved in seconds.

I have it so bad, don’t I?


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