The Move (No Pics, Sorry)

Yes, I know I said I would take pictures but I forgot again, okay? I went outside to video the garden for Vanna today (she’s been nagging me about it – I mean, uh, nonchalantly asking) but didn’t think to take a picture or two while I was standing there. I dropped the ball, I’ll admit that. But to make up for it I have spent ages (two minutes) drawing on Microsoft Paint just so you can get an idea of what the front of the house looks like. It is a Birds Eye view but that’s just as good, right?

I can't draw, okay?
I can’t draw, okay?

With this fantastic portrayal of the house in your subconscious (it’ll never leave!) I’m going to run through the last few days and update you on our progress in the new home. After all, I’ve got to do something with my time now that I’ve lost Xbox Live haven’t I?

So, let’s start with Friday…


My day off started way too soon at the irritatingly early time of 7.30 am. Some last-minute box sealing was required and then we had the fun task of separating my wall mounted television from the bracket. Turns out there is six bolts screwing the bracket in place so we opted to leave that behind and let the new owners deal with it. We also left my Ethernet cable; ie the umbilical cord that gave my Xbox 360 the gift of Xbox Live. So far, not so good.

Everything else was thrown into whatever crates we had lying around before we then put all the stuff that wasn’t going into the removal van in the back of the two cars. Once this job was done we all sat down and waited for the two removal guys to arrive, and once they had turned up we continued to sit down and let them do all the hard work. They are getting paid to do it after all.

During this time Splat became more and more concerned; well actually not that concerned considering she didn’t actually move off the chair at any point but she did look a bit more alert so I suppose that counts. It was only when the chair was taken away, however, that she realized that perhaps things weren’t quite right. A quick wander around all the empty rooms clearly displeased her, as shown in the photo I posted yesterday, because she refused to leave the house when we called her. Here’s the pic  again if you didn’t see it the first time.

Defiant Splat
Defiant Splat

One last goodbye for us and we were ready to go. I carried Splat to the car in her basket and put her on my knee. Sue drove off with the removal van in two to the new house, while my dad and I detoured to the estate agents first to drop off the old house keys. The sight of a furry orange head peering through the window seemed to amuse them but Splat seemed less comfortable; she spent most of the journey trying to climb into the back of the car (my dad has fur allergies hence why she was contained to her basket). Thankfully the drive was pretty short and we were in Durham within the next twenty minutes. A short drive through an estate and we were home (if you refer back to the drawing, we came in from the top road. I have no idea where we’d end up if we followed it down).

Two hours later (it took a similar amount of time in Tanfield Lea) and the removal men had finished. We did help out a little this time but they operated pretty efficiently without our assistance. Of course my room ended up with loads of boxes because the third bedroom we had at Tanfield doesn’t exist here, so my room was then designated as the drop off point for all the stuff that was marked BR3. By the time they’d unloaded everything there was barely any room to move. Thanks for that.

The rest of the afternoon was then spent arranging everything into some kind of order. Sue dealt with the kitchen and their bedroom, while I tackled mine and my dad dealt with the living room. The house was absolutely freezing because it hadn’t been occupied since the turn of the year (I think). We tried getting the fire working but all that did was produce a load of smoke. Turns out the chimney is blocked so we need a chimney sweep; something I thought had died out in England with the possible exception of theater productions. Consequently we had no fire and no heat. I adorned gloves, another hoodie and the thickest pants I had. Did it make a difference? Not in the slightest. At least lifting all the unwanted boxes out the room and into the garage warmed me up somewhat. It was still rather disillusioning to see your exhaled breath cloud up in front of you. You don’t usually get that in houses, I’ve found.

But other than the cold, the move was pretty straight forward. By the end of the day the house looked quite homely, especially in the living room. We headed out to buy a new support for my television (this time we opted for a wire; much easier to set up) and I treated the folks to a meal at Pizza Hut. It was my dad’s birthday as well as the house move, so we felt a celebration was in order (and we didn’t have an oven). A bit of champagne once we got back and then it was time for bed. We’d done well for ourselves really; a mostly stress free day with only a few hiccups stopping it from being perfect. We didn’t complain though; house moves are usually troublesome things and we’d gotten by without any disasters. Not too bad at all.


There was, however, still plenty to do. Further progress was made in all the rooms, except for mine because well, there isn’t much we can do with it at the moment. Splat spent her time exploring the house and sleeping in my chair, while I used my time efficiently by…uh, sleeping. Very productive day for me. Dad and Sue bought a new television and set that up in the main room. Boxes were either dismantled oe put into the loft, pictures were hung up, appliances were tested…nothing special. I honestly can’t remember what happened. That was how memorable Saturday was.


You’ll be happy to know I did actually do things today. I rearranged my room and cleared out what I could. Most of my boxes are still full because I have no storage for my books and clothes etc. I was also limited because the Sky man is coming on Monday to sort out my Sky Box, meaning I couldn’t really use the two shelves I do have because anything I put on them would be in his way. It does look a little better though, and I did find a few things that I’d forgotten about, so all in all I can’t criticise my effort too much. We put up new curtains also, and got rid of the very dirty blinds that had been left here. They were bad. The dust they left on my fingers was probably older than me. Yeah. They were disgusting.

What else did I do? Well I completed Medal of Honor, bought a few things off Amazon and fixed the sound on my dad’s television. Very successful day indeed, you might say.

Unfortunately, not everything was perfect.  There was some bad news. The shower doesn’t work in this house so we can only have baths until an electrician can come in and sort it. And to make matters worse, we only have so much hot water for reasons I can’t quite explain because well, I’ve forgotten. And because I slept in, my dad and Sue used up said hot water for themselves, and I couldn’t go in because a man was coming around to measure the floors and I’d be the only one in the house. And since then I’ve been sidetracked by all the tasks I mentioned above. So, to conclude, I haven’t bathed since I’ve been here.

And on that lovely factoid, I’ll end this post. Speak to you all later.


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