Looking Forward

Sometimes you have to step up, take responsibility and do something productive about your future. Especially if you are someone who has a girlfriend thousands of miles away and no set plan on how you are both going to be together in the long-term, which is essentially the situation that Vanna and I find ourselves in.

So we’ve had a lot of important discussions on where to go next. Vanna wants to come over here but she is going to at college studying to be a veterinary nurse until October 2014. This would mean the only contact we’d have would be the odd holiday together here and there but nothing on the same level that we’ve had previously; this summer, for example, we had three months together. Considering that wasn’t long enough, I don’t think a week at Christmas, a week in May and a month in June would be acceptable. Nor would it be the best value for money.

As a result we only have one real option. Well technically two, but the thought of breaking up and calling it a day…let’s just say that being kicked in the chest by a horse is a more welcome alternative. So, that leaves us with…drum roll please… me moving over to America. Big move, but it does make sense.

First of all, it would mean I’m with Vanna and though things will be tough, at least to start with – I’m perfectly aware of the fact I won’t be living the high life – that is more important than anything else. Neither of us are coping well without each other, and it is easier to face adversity when you are with the one you love. So I’m confident we’ll get by.

Second of all, being in America would offer me better opportunities with my writing.  To start with I’d be closer to the gaming companies and the gaming industry in general, so my dream of writing the plots to games is more of a possibility than before. It’ll still be difficult but hey, who knows what will happen? After all, I stand a better chance of getting my foot in the door when I’m in the same country as the companies I want to work for. It’s a more achievable goal to work towards. If, of course, I do get into America.

Furthermore, if this plan doesn’t come to fruition and I focus on my novel writing instead, I imagine the chances of being published increase too. Again, it’ll still be hard but it might just happen. Incidentally I started writing again today, and managed over a thousand words in a couple of hours. Not too bad, eh? More importantly is the fact that I actually did something. I’m back! My creativity has spiked and I’m keen to write more. I haven’t felt like this since I left America so I’m rather happy at this. We’ll see where it goes from here, but now that I have a cohesive plot there is nothing stopping me from at least writing the first draft. Fingers crossed.

Sorry, I got sidetracked there by my writing. Point is, I can’t see any disadvantages to moving. Yeah we’ll be broke but we’ll be together. So I don’t care.

So what have I actually done to make this plan a reality, other than admit I might have to do something and not just let Vanna work it out, which granted, is my usual tactic. Well you should be pleasantly surprised because today I went onto the American Immigration Bureau website and assessed my chances of getting a green card. Turns out that, in principle anyway, I can get a green card. I’m going to get a call from an immigration consultant at some point in the next forty-eight hours to discuss my application and from that I should find out what I need to do to stay in America on a long-term basis (legally that is). I don’t expect it to be completed in a week but it’s a great start. Like the title says, I’m looking forward.

Oh, Vanna and I are officially engaged now (as official as engagement can be). So there you go.



P.S Bet you weren’t expecting that now, were you? I’ll let Vanna talk more about it later. Providing she remembers to blog this time…


2 thoughts on “Looking Forward”

  1. Alex you’ll be fine over here in the good old U.S of f-ing A! One thing to remember is winter is F-ING COLD!!! Now in saying that, if you get the green card don’t come until spring. Oh yah congrats on engagment, but what the hell are you kids thinking!!

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