Christmas Break Summary

As I stated yesterday, today I am going to talk about my Christmas break.

I started the holiday by coming home and spending a few much needed days with my immediate family.
Some of the highlights:
-my niece, Marley, celebrated her second birthday

Coloring in her new book
Being a goon in her toy bucket

-Spent Christmas Eve Day with my mom’s family. Every year we play the “dice game” in which you can win prizes. This year I won some wool socks, a box of Swiss rolls, a bulk pack of decorative small Kleenex packs, Vaseline brand lip goo (chapstick), and a flashlight. We also gorged on loads of food that could have fed an entire army.

Our family is so important Santa decided to make a special appearance.
Marley and her baby doll present (with Grandma Lori in the back (aka Ma) )
Excited (blurry) face after getting chocolate
The Bednarczyk Family
Britt and Me during the dice game

-Christmas Eve we celebrated with Jim’s parents and children. I received a homemade doily  from Jim’s mother = best gift ever!
aside from all of the lovely gifts from Alex (I love you?)

-Walked in the woods on Christmas Day with Mom and Jim

– played some card games with Ma

The rest of the holiday was spent with friends

-St. Cloud shopping with Sharissa on her birthday

Sharissa being majestic Not on her birthday, but close enough

-Date Day/Night with Koda

-Movies/Dinner with Britt, Liss, and Meg

Before we left for dinner

-Engagement / New Year’s Eve party with my girls (picture shown below of our cuteness)

Brittany, Britt, Sharissa, Me, Lissa, Ash, and Meg


Us being classy. That’s not wine.. its uh.. Koolaid?
We be pretty ladies


Over all it was a great time, and I was sad to have to return to the cities and leave my family and friends.
It would have been perfect if Alex was with me; I struggled the first few days to get over my self pity of having to be without him during such a family-focused time of year, but that is the price I pay for loving a British man I suppose.
Here is us looking happy last Christmas break


This break made me really realize how much I appreciate the relationships I have. Sure I’m living in poverty, but I have the absolute best support given by my friends and family. I feel this is worth more than any type of success I could have.

Since Alex touched on resolutions/goals, I thought I would add five of mine:

1) Marry Alex
2) Have more patience with Alex
3) Be less defensive in criticizing conversations
4) Drink more water (I have a dehydrated related fainting problem… I just don’t get thirsty enough to actually, ya know, get up and get a glass of water. Apparently your body will freak out if you are really dehydrated. Who knew? Me. But that didn’t stop me from my habits)
5) To find a positive in every situation, even in times of failure.
6) Eat healthy. Hah no, just kidding. Like THAT would happen. I love my fatty foods too much to part ways this early in my life. Mainly ice cream. Mmmm if becoming lactose intolerant hasn’t stopped my consumption of ice cream, there is no way a resolution would.

I was planning on blogging tomorrow as well, but I may have to decline the privilege due to personal issues. Sorry Alex, you’re stuck with it.


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