It’s Just One Of Those Days

I hate napping in the middle of the day.

Well, it’s okay if you are prepared for it. After a big lunch, for example. You decide that you’re going to sit on your comfortable chair and just doze for a while. Sleep off the fact you’ve pigged out, you greedy so and so. Now that is fine with me. You know it’s happening, you want it to happen…it’s good. Everybody loves a little sleep like that. And if you don’t; well you need to get to reassess your life, you miserable grump. And coming from me, that must hurt (sorry).

What I don’t like though, is the sneaky sleep. Sneaky sleep, as the name suggests (the amount of phrases I’m coining on here must be in double figures now. Look out Bill, I’m coming for you*). gets you when you aren’t expecting it. You’ll just close your eyes for a minute, thinking that you’ll just have five minutes sleeping before you go to do your chores or homework (if you’re an adult…uh, read?), only to then wake up two hours later completely disorientated. It’s horrible. The room is dark, you are drenched it sweat and you have no idea what day it is, never mind what time it is.

And that is what happened to me today. Fell asleep around 2, woke up at half 5. Bloody awful. I just wiped out and to be honest, I’m still not quite there. It’s awful. I had so much to do today…haven’t done any of it.

Bah. And our toilet is broken. The flushing mechanism is completely shot and the seat fell off. Not good, people, not good.

Like I said, just one of those days.


*William Shakespeare, you cretins**!

**Sorry, not being able to go to the bathroom is making me aggressive.


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