Operation ‘MERICA!

It can be rather difficult to make life plans with an American. By this you are probably thinking  I’m referring to the fact that Vanna is in the United States, while I’m not, and somehow we have to decide how exactly we’re going to get ourselves into one country. And this, of course, is very true. There is no quick fix to our problems. However, I do think it is difficult to plan things out with an American in general because, well, look at them. They are very rude, narrow-minded yet incredibly opinionated,  obsessed with guns and will always be looking out for the closest fast food joint, even when they are in the countryside. This is what causes all those negotiation breakdowns.

I’m only teasing, Americans. I love you all really. Well, some of you. Eh, close enough.

Anyway, it is no secret that Vanna and I have tried to figure out a way to be together. We’ve had various ideas from the downright stupid (Vanna’s suggestions) to the hopelessly unrealistic (also Vanna’s suggestions). It hasn’t been easy coming up with a solution that suited the both of us. If it wasn’t money stopping us, it was age. And if it wasn’t age or money, it was other commitments or stupid requirements that mean nothing to two people in love, but unfortunately mean everything to the higher ones who make the decisions (We both have to be 21 to get married in the UK: a frustratingly logical ruling). And, more often than not, the plans that were reasonable were unfavourable – for example, saving up our money and having next to visits before migrating in 2014. Yes it’s  safe and would work, but that is too long to wait. A few weeks here or there doesn’t make those many months apart bearable.

All in all, we were struggling to come up with a solution that suited our needs. Then I came up Operation ‘MERICA, a tribute that Vanna’s friend Sharissa in particular will appreciation. Operation ‘MERICA consists of the following:

January 2013 – April 2013

Alex: I get a 2 month assignment working in the Durham area. Earn some money and work on my book in my spare time.

Vanna: Vanna needs to look for more PCA work, and figure out some long-term living arrangement. Also, she needs to find me a bike.

April 2013 – July 2013

I travel to the US on holiday

After my dental appointment and my third writing squad meet up, head off to America for three months. This will be our first proper trial living together: while Vanna continues her work to pay the bills, I’ll be in charge of the house and its upkeep. There will be responsibilities for both of us, and we’ll get a better opinion on whether we can share a place permanently. I will continue to write and most importantly, the two of us will be together again. And for our anniversary too!

Also, if Vanna completes all her objectives beforehand I’ll have a bike that I can use to go to the library, shops etc. Preferably it will be one with functioning brakes, wheels and seat that stays on. I’m not asking for much, Vanna.

 July 2013 – Winter 2013

Return home, assess options

By the time I return home we will have a better idea of our compatibility, and thus will be able to plan out our future. Obviously Operation ‘MERICA  is a bit in the dark at this point, but assuming we get on like a house on fire the aim will then be to raise enough money for me to move over there permanently. Once I’ve got enough money to pay for the ticket, marriage application, green card application, work permit application and for the time I’ll be out of work so Vanna doesn’t carry all the burden, I’ll head over to the states once more.

Ideally this will happen before 2013 ends. Failing that, we’ll do it as soon as possible in the new year.


I will be a US Citizen

June 8th, 2014. The third anniversary of us dating, and hopefully the day of our wedding ceremony, providing, of course I have been granted US citizenship (we’ll have already been officially married by this point, but this will be the actual celebration of our bond with family, friends etc).

Clever to do it on the 8th, right? This way I only have to remember one date when it comes to our relationship. Genius.


So that’s Operation ‘MERICA.  It isn’t perfect but I think it is achievable. It’s flexible, and doesn’t involve us being alone for any longer than six months. It’s a plan we both like, and hope to complete. Wish us luck.

A half assed and unsubtle plea, from me to you (it’s not serious, but we won’t turn anything down)

Feel free to donate to Operation ‘MERICA, and make two beautiful (Vanna’s words) people very, very happy.

We take cheques, cash, credit cards and money in the form of valuables, such as family heirlooms or priceless artifacts etc.






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