Vanna Rant: Hair

I decided to have another Vanna rant on something that has been bothering me lately: my hair.

The past few months I had been obsessing over red hair. It started when I was watching Bring it On and saw “Big Red’s” hair and thought, “I really like that.. oh and with the curls… I have curls.”

Why don’t I have this color?

The obsession grew when I watched Pitch Perfect and saw Chloe and her beautiful hair. I had seen the actress in another movie where her hair was blonde, so I convinced myself it was possible for a blonde to dye her hair to that exact shade.


For weeks I eyed-up women that passed me in stores who had red hair, trying to decide whether this was something that I really wanted. Would it look good on me? Could I pull it off?

The final straw was watching a Wendy’s commercial.


So with my obsession-crazed eyes, Sharissa and I searched for the perfect shade of dye at Walmart.

I decided to keep it light remembering the last experiment I had with dark shades.

*gags* I don’t even know why people still talked to me when I looked like this.

We eagerly went home and dyed my hair.
… it turned out pink.

SO we went back to the store to try another box.
Came out pretty nice and I didn’t cry, so that was a plus.

Pretend I look nice. This was taken late at night to show Alex, and I wasn’t planning on showing it to anybody else… so it’s a bit uggo. But its the only evidence I have of my red hair.

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Hah.

Just as I was confident with my new color, my shampoo decided to strip my hair of the dye and leave me a patchy pink/gray mess.


I decided to give up on my red hair fantasy and return to my natural hair color, so I dyed it back to blonde…

And it turned pink. Again…

And right now I am still walking around with a frizzy pink blotchy mess – saving up every penny so I can get my hair back to normal.
If you see me in the street, I’m sorry.

I would show you a picture, but it is too unbearable for me to photograph it and post on the internet. Yes, it’s that bad.

Which leads me to the rant portion.

Why can’t box dye be accurate? and why can’t salon prices be reasonable?

Box Dye: $10
Salon Dye: $100 +

It’s like us poor people are destined to look atrocious when we try to change our hair color.

You only see poor skanky women with hair like mine.

Point proven
Watch Jeremy Kyle, Maury or Jerry Springer if you need more proof.

The whole thing is just disgusting.
Why, Hair Gods, why?


One thought on “Vanna Rant: Hair”

  1. vanna my dear there is a very simple way to get around this. I have a lot of experience with colors, I’ve had purple, black, blonde, white, strawberry, fire engine red…….ya I’ve had a lot of colors in this mop I call hair. Yesterday I changed it again. I now have blonde bangs and under layers and red on top. Here is a solution to your problem. Wal mart brand hair color is going to jank your hair up no matter how you try to go about t and is so not worth it in the end. Salon prices……I have nothing to say about that besides are you kidding me. So here is what you do, find some one that you know that wants to be a cosmetologist or someone that already is in school/graduated. Then you tell them exactly what color you want or just go with them (might make it easier.) Hair stylists have special stores they get all their supplies from. The red hair dye I got yesterday cost me $4.95. that’s it. Color processor $6. way cheaper then a salon, little bit more then wal mart, but definatly worth it. Another bonus is that the colors cover beautifully! If you are unable to do this, I would suggest a color stripper. They have this stuff called color oops at wally world. Ive used it many a times it should bring you back to blonde! hope this helps!

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