Rough Mornings, Entering Awards And Walking Home, Like A Boss

You know those days where you wake up annoyed? And from that point everything seems to just get worse and worse?

Well that was what this morning was like for me. I got out of bed and I simply couldn’t be bothered. I was shattered and spending the next eight hours collecting files wasn’t really something that appealed to me. But this job gives me the chance to get into the States, so it’s worth the effort. And, with that thought in my head, I headed off for the bus.

Typically though, I missed it. It was early. I even heard it as I walked towards the stop. Typical.

So I headed to the other stop for the next bus. Which was late.

And then got stuck in traffic.

Finally I got to the station (yeah, I had to get two buses again…for a higher price) and rushed to find a bus that was going by that road. There was still five minutes before 9: I could still make it on time. Got on a bus, showed my ticket, sat down…

And waited.

And waited.

While three other buses I could have been on drove away, I waited for the driver to turn on the engine. Eventually he complied but it was too late by that point. Ended up getting to work after nine. It didn’t matter too much in the end, but I’ll not be making that mistake again.

Well, I’ll try not to, anyway.

So, you are probably wondering, why was I so tired?

The answer lies in the second part of my title, as I decided late last night that I should submit my application to the Northern Writers’ Awards. The deadline is Thursday, so I thought, just in case something goes wrong tonight (Wednesday) I should get it sorted. So I put in my details and opened up the document containing my personal statement and biography that I’d written beforehand (which, I would like to point out, I’d done because the website specifically said to do them), only to find a set of questions that were very rigid in structure. In other words, my answers didn’t suit them. Urgh.

I still used them though. I spent a good hour writing it so I’m going to use it!

I then attached the synopsis that I’d failed repeatedly to complete, only to finally write it last weekend. My final draft summed up most of the points in the 600 words they asked for. Turns out, however, that I could have used 3000 words! All the bits I missed out could have been included! Unfortunately it was too late to write a new synopsis, so I just quickly added a few paragraphs to clarify a few things. It still took me a while though, hence my tiredness in the morning.

Bah. At least it’s done though. Fingers crossed I’ll win something. I could always do with a confidence booster.

You’ll be glad to hear that my mood did improve as the day went on. So much so that I even felt like walking home! Yes, I did get on the bus for one part of it (I hadn’t eaten much) but I still must have walked a couple of miles. Despite the cold I really did enjoy it. Of course I’m regretting it now, as my feet ache even more than usual, but I’m glad I did it.

I’m trying to be healthier you see. And, more importantly, my walk meant I didn’t feel guilty for having a bowl of strawberry ice cream.

…in my defence, the ice cream did have actual pieces of fruit in it. That counts, right?



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