Time For My Birthday Speech. Wait, Why Are You Leaving?

Ha, only joking. I’ll save my speech for my wedding (just switch a few words and it’s good for anything). This is just a short post because Sharissa has kindly blogged for me today already (Clearly Vanna was too lazy to do it) so I didn’t have to.  But, as it is my birthday and you’ll all be wanting to hear from me, I thought I’d say something. But don’t worry, I’ll keep it brief.

Essentially I’m going to talk about what I got for my birthday, followed by thanks to those who sent me cards and gifts. And, as none of you have made an effort for my twenty-first birthday, this list of acknowledgements won’t take long. Of course, my disappointment at being forgotten can disappear if you send something now;  better late than never, as the saying goes. And don’t worry about getting me something I really want. Cash will do. I’m not fussy.

Anyway, I got several things for my birthday. Unfortunately, I inadvertently ruined the big surprise a couple of weeks back when I told my dad that I was buying a camera. Turns out they’d already bought me one, so, as a result, my dad had to tell me what they’d done before it was too late to cancel the camera I’d ordered. Either way, I’m very happy with it. It is charging now but I’ll take some pictures of it/with it sometime this week to test it out (I might struggle to upload them here however, as I’ve completely ran out of memory on this blog – I deleted quite a few from the media library before for the pictures below, only to use my photobucket account instead; so if you find old posts with blank spaces…my bad). It will be very handy during my time in the United States, as it means I won’t have to lug Vanna’s camera around while constantly being told off for not carrying it properly. With the Nikon I can just shove it in my pocket and not worry about it. Awesome.

I also came home to see a personalized birthday cake! Apparently it would be a bad thing  to eat it all, but I’ll do my best to eat a healthy share without going overboard. Here’s two pictures of it before it was mutilated (my dad cut the arms off).

Happy Birthday!
A token towards my impending trip: a little edible suitcase. Awh.

It is delicious, by the way.

What else did I get? Well, I also received an unexpected (and fantastic) sum of £262 (and $21), which I am incredibly grateful for. It goes without saying how helpful that will be towards funding my trip to the United States. More importantly, it will free up some of the money I’ll earn at work in the next month to buy Vanna the engagement ring  that she so very much deserves. So yes, I’m very thankful for that. I’m unbelievably happy, which, as you know, doesn’t often happen.

With that, I begin my thanks.

  1. Thank you Splat for the sweets, though I’m rather skeptical you bought them. Nevertheless, thanks.
  2. Thank you Christine for your contribution
  3. Thank you Abbie (best friend!) for your contribution, and the lovely picture. It was very kind of you.
  4. Thank you Aunty Joan and Barry for your contribution.
  5. Thank you Uncle Henry and Linda for your contribution.
  6. Thank you Aunty Anne and Uncle Johnny for your contribution (and the stamps!)
  7. Thank you Dad and Sue for the cake, the camera and that surprise boost to my bank account.
  8. Thank you Vanna, for being the best fiancée in the world. I can’t wait to see you. Only a few more months, my love.
  9. And finally, thanks to everybody else who wished me happy birthday today. It was nice to come home to so many Facebook messages (and pictures, courtesy of Alasdair). Cheers.

And that’s it from me. Time to eat, watch television and sleep. Simple but enjoyable.

Speak to you later,



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