New Camera Pictures

Confident that I knew what I was doing (not that it is difficult, but nevertheless it is best not to rush these things…), I decided tonight was the time to break in (not literally; that would be precisely what not to do) my new camera. Time for pictures! So once I got home, I grabbed my camera, only to then realize…

…I didn’t have anything to show you. Hmm. Well, that isn’t very good. What could I take pictures of? Dark outside, nothing of interest in my room…I was stuck for inspiration. I could have photographed our new wallpaper but eh…hardly something to shout about is it?

Then it hit me. Splat! I rushed to the kitchen!

Well, as you can see, she wasn’t as enthusiastic about the photo-shoot as I was.

Are you happy, Splat?
Okay okay, forget I asked!
Yeah, she’s not happy


So I decided to pose Vanna-like in front of the mirror instead. I had mixed results.

I wish I actually owned a ball of light…
Not sure why I’m making a fist. But look, camera!

But I persevered and went back to Splat, this time without flash. Maybe that way she’d be less grumpy. It sort of worked…

Looking up, but still kinda grumpy.

She’s bored now.

And that’s that. Hard to tell how good the camera will be when I’m outside, but I imagine it’ll be perfect for the States. Ah, I can’t wait! Nine more weeks (roughly)!


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