I’m Clearly A Sadist…

…Because I’m going into work tomorrow. I know. I know. Crazy. Well, not that crazy as I’m getting paid for it. If I was doing it for free then sure, that would be crazy. Otherwise it makes sense. Extra money is always good, right?

I plan to start at 9 sharp(ish), so no lie in for me this Saturday which means I’ve got to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Hmm. Well I at least I have Sunday to sleep. As for when I finish? Well, it’ll either be early afternoon (let’s say 2) or whenever I reach the point where I’ve lost the will to live. Whichever comes first, really. It is the threat of insanity that makes it fun!

So, money aside, what has prompted me to sacrifice one of my vital days off to go back into the place where I already spend most of my life (February) in?

Well, there are a few reasons.

1) It will be over soon

There is a good chance that I’ll be finishing on the 15th March, so it would probably be wise to pick up some extra hours before I hit that deadline, especially if I struggle to get any further work in the short time before I head to America. Every little helps. For example, this Saturday could pay for the dentist appointment I have coming up.

2) Lots of work left

We have a lot of work we need to go through in the next fortnight. By coming in tomorrow, we might be able to make things easier on ourselves in the future. Without any distractions, we should be able to focus solely on one task. That would be nice.

3) I’ve got nothing better to do

What else would I be doing on Saturday morning? Nothing more than sleeping, probably. May as well make some money instead!

4) It might motivate me to write

Being constructive (ie working) usually makes me feel good, and as a result, I then feel motivated to do more (ie write). And because it’ll be a half day (I’ll also be getting up later as I won’t be taking the bus), I won’t be so tired that I can’t write afterwards. No, I’ll be able to come home, have something to eat and crack on with my book for a few hours.

That’s the plan anyway.

5) I’ll be in the United States soon enough

If I was stuck in this job for months on end, maybe I’d struggle to donate my Saturday too. But I’ll be going to Minnesota soon! Even if I’m finding it hard, I can just think that thought and push onwards. It’ll be easy.

7 more weeks!

6) I can wear whatever I want

I know this doesn’t sound like much, but wearing my trainers and a t-shirt will make a big difference to how I work.  My work shoes aren’t very comfortable, and long-sleeved shirts don’t really offer a great deal of freedom either. It’ll be a new experience and something of a novelty too. And I guess that is a good thing?

Eh, it’s better than wearing my usual work attire.

7) I’m getting bribed with food

To repay me for spending my Saturday working with her, my colleague Katie is bringing in some freshly made cookies. Oh yeah! It’s amazing how quick the hours go when you’ve got a stomach full of baked goods. If I’m being honest, this is the main reason I’m going in tomorrow. I just love cookies!

Anyway, I hope you all have  a good weekend. I’ll let you know how work (and the cookies) go later.







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