Happy Birthday Vanna!

As you’ve probably gathered from the title, today is a very, very special day: it is Vanna’s 20th birthday! Woohoo!

Well, it isn’t that special to her because a) she’s working so she can’t really celebrate it b) she’s really feeling under the weather, bless her c) she still can’t drink (20 means nothing in the US really; 21 is the biggie) and d) turning 20 has made her a little depressed about getting old (I can relate to that). All in all, I just don’t think Vanna is that bothered about it being her birthday.

But, despite Vanna’s indifference (she honestly isn’t that bad…it’s only me who doesn’t care), it is still her birthday and it should be celebrated! Obviously, I’m not able to do treat her in person, but that doesn’t stop me from doing my bit. So, Vanna, my love,  here is my beautifully crafted, home-made card!

So much better than last year's effort...
So much better than last year’s effort…

Isn’t that amazing? And that’s not all I did. Oh no. I also bought Vanna an amethyst vase (to match her ring and necklace) full of Stargazer Lillies (her ultimate favourite flower) and Blue Irisis. She woke up this morning and they were already at the front door waiting for her. How great was that? Unfortunately they haven’t opened just yet (to be fair, it has only been a few hours), but I’m guessing from the ‘I LOVE YOU’ message she sent me earlier, that didn’t matter too much to her. She was just happy to get them (what can I say? I’m getting good at this). But I’m told that the flowers smell lovely, so at least she can enjoy the scent, even if they look a bit bland.

These could be weeds for all I know. Thankfully Vanna is a little more astute when it comes to flowers...
These could be weeds for all I know. Thankfully Vanna is a little more astute when it comes to flowers…

Anyway, that was my birthday surprise for Vanna (the huge heart is from me too). I’ll get her to post some pictures of the flowers later once they’ve blossomed so you can all see them too. Obviously, she probably won’t need a push from me to blog, because, well, she will be so keen to share how great I am with the world she won’t be able to stop herself. No, I won’t have to say a word. Ahem.

Joking aside, I hope Vanna has a wonderful day. I might not be there in person but I am there in spirit. And maybe next year we will be able to celebrate her birthday (and mine) together; something we have yet been able to achieve. Won’t that be nice?

Of course, being together in a year’s time does mean I’ll have to make a proper effort instead of just buying something online. I’ll be there for the full day, after all. I can’t just do one thing and leave it at that. And I’ve raised the standard over the past year, so Vanna will be expecting something even better. And it’ll be her 21st, which is obviously a huge deal. I can’t flake out on that. Hmm.

…I didn’t think this through at all, did I? I knew it! I should have just got her a card…

Ahem (again).

Happy Birthday Vanna!




One thought on “Happy Birthday Vanna!”

  1. Thanks 🙂

    and they don’t smell lovely YET
    they will though when they bloom
    right now they smell like planty dirt
    just thought I’d clear that up..

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