The Writing Squad’s New Website!

Ah, what a long, long, long, long, long, long day. Work is beginning to take a toll on me. My neck aches constantly, my back isn’t much better, and my feet hurt too. Bah. Only two more days though. And maybe another week after that. Then I’ll be done, free to write, Xbox, and prepare myself for my trip to the United States. Once I see Vanna for the first time since last August, these past few months of mind- numbingly boring admin work will soon be forgotten. Well, maybe not forgotten, but worthwhile.

Another thing I’ll be doing when I finish work (but before I leave for the United States) is going to the third Writing Squad meet. The last group session resulted in the highly acclaimed (if I claim it, does that count?) Phlegethon Anthology, and I can’t wait to meet up with the guys in April. I have no idea what we’ll be doing, but I’m sure it’ll be something good. Besides, poetry is the only thing I’m not particularly comfortable with, so now that we’ve covered that I should be fine with whatever. Hopefully…

Anyway (three paragraphs, all starting with the letter ‘a’…planned, or happy coincidence?),  The Writing Squad has a new website and I’m now going to promote it here.

Why? Well, they do a lot of great work and deserve the publicity. Granted, this blog hardly lures in thousands, but it’s the thought that counts. They’ve supported me a lot so far with my novel (hopefully they’ll be able to help me out even more when I’ve completed it!) so it is the least I can do.

Also, I’m tired and can’t think of anything clever to write today. This was the easy way out (but don’t let that ruin the sentimentality above).

Please click on the link below! It’s a really cool website, and you can find out all about the squad. If any of you are aspiring writers from North England, then it is definitely worth checking out!

The Writing Squad!


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