Friday’s Farewells

I hate saying goodbye. It is just a horrible, painful thing to do (though accidentally kicking the door frame when your walking into your bedroom is pretty bad too, as I learned last night: my toes are still aching now) and it is one of the worst things I’ve gone through in the past few years. Saying goodbye to my dad at the airport when I left for the U.S (first and second time) was tough. Saying goodbye to Vanna June 2011, August 2011, January 2012 and August 2012 was even harder (it started out awful, and progressively got worse from that point: it’ll be damn agonizing to do it again this summer). And though not exactly on the same level, leaving work wasn’t that easy either (they wouldn’t unlock the door, the fiends).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to have left. The work was turning my brain into mush (I could barely think straight Friday afternoon) and I really need the time off to sort things out before the 20th. But despite this, there was a part of me that was tempted to stay on, just for another week.

Not for the work, obviously, but for some of the people I worked with. I’ve found that when you are stuck doing the same monotonous task every day, it is imperative that you have good company who can help you get through it. People you can talk to, have a laugh with…when you’re doing this kind of work, you really begin appreciate how important it is to have someone alongside you. Had I worked alone in this assignment, I really, really would have struggled to lasted this long. The job wasn’t rewarding but the social interactions I had there at least did something for me (I’m referring to my article on gaming, where I talked about what makes people happy and how games can go a long way to getting you there).

So, I’m going to make a few honorable mentions now, to show my appreciation for those who kept me sane.

Firstly, Julia and Katie, who, as well as myself, were long-term sufferers of the filing blues (it is a thing, honestly). But, despite the awfulness of our work, the three of us were able to battle through it together (they’ll be lost without me!). We joked around, laughed at each other and generally just made the best of a bad situation. So, thanks for that guys. Best of luck for the future.

Secondly I’d like to say all the best to Andy and Angela. Not only did they give me a lift home every night so I didn’t have to get the bus, they (well Andy did, but Angela – who got a new job last week – joined us for a bit, which was nice) also treated me to a couple of beers (I chose U.S ones to get in the mood) last night to celebrate the fact I was getting out. It was a lovely gesture, and though we weren’t able to work together for the most part, we still had some great conversations during my time there. So once again, all the best.

There were others who I enjoyed working with, of course, but they were the main ones. Bet you all feel really special now, eh?

Anyway, yesterday was definitely a mixed day. I was ripped off at the canteen (£2 for a cookie and a piece of flapjack is a joke!), I was losing my mind in the afternoon (it was a very strange sensation) and I then had to say goodbye to everybody, but I enjoyed my time at the bar and when I got home I played Judgment with the guys (almost completed the campaign; I’ll review it later), so that was a lot of fun too (I’ve been very impressed with Judgment so far. It’ll never be my favourite Gears, but I think it’s probably the best one. We’ll see).

And that was that. Though I’m a little sad to have finished work, I can now look forward to the future, and that magical moment when Vanna and I are reunited after eight months of separation. That will make everything I’ve gone through (like my bruised toes) worthwhile.

Four more weeks. It’s getting closer. I just can’t wait.





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