Suitcase Paranoia

Today I started my preparations for the United States.  By that I meant I sat down and made lists in a notepad because well, that’s how I roll. Why be active and rush around doing things now when I can relax and leave all that (rather important) stuff until the final few days before I go? There will still be plenty of time and it totally won’t backfire at all to leave it so late. A flawless plan, you might say. Indeed…a flawless plan.


No. Don’t worry, I’m not that foolish to leave things to the last minute (I totally did not do that the first time I went to America, where I totally did not buy my tickets and sort out my passport and visa five days before the outbound flight..nope, didn’t do that at all), though I did spend quite a bit of time today making lists. For me it helps to write things down, but I did make some progress for my trip today too.Obviously I can’t do everything this week (packing my suitcase three weeks before I need to would be somewhat premature) but I’ve started to tackle the more demanding issues. In other words, my laptop and my Xbox.

Exactly, important stuff. I’ve already had one very stressful journey when I took my hard drive on the train(!), so if I didn’t secure them right this time (though I’d probably still panic if they were in a safe, chained to an armed guard) I’d be a nervous wreck for eleven + hours.  That’s my livelihood,  you know. And by that, I mean all those Xbox saves (I mean, uh, my book). Think of all the hours I’ve spent playing those games…it is something I am both proud and ashamed of. Either way, thoughts like that were not reassuring to have when I was on a six-hour train ride and I couldn’t see my suitcase…let’s just say I was rather paranoid and leave it at that (I didn’t get up to check every half hour, oh no).

But yeah, my main concern was the laptop. Could I store it in my suitcase? If so, what precautions should I take? Would wrapping it up in my clothes suffice? I went online to find out.

And well, the answer was rather conclusive.

Do not store your laptop in checked luggage!

Oh. I see. Hmm.

It turns out that there are several risks to putting your laptop in your suitcase. What like? Well, ten minutes of Google searching found at least one reference to the following problems:

  1. Cold temperatures
  2. Pressure from heavier suitcases
  3. Careless baggage handlers
  4. Idiotic baggage handlers
  5. Thieving baggage handlers

Oh dear. Nice to know that when the staff aren’t standing on, or throwing your suitcases around, they are (or at least known for) rifling through the contents and taking whatever they like. Isn’t that nice of them? I don’t quite believe it, but eh, suddenly I’m having second thoughts about leaving my laptop in my suitcase.

So, option two is to carry it onto the plane with me. Though this will set my mind at ease (laptop will be under my feet), I’m not too keen on the idea because this means my time at the X-ray/search areas will have an added complication. Yes, all I have to do is take it out of my bag but I hate attracting attention. And that is in any situation, never mind at an airport where a thousand things could go wrong (This [not wanting attention], incidentally, is why I hate getting my haircut; too much time is spent focused on me). It was already bad enough taking my shoes and belt off (at the airport, not the hairdressers) but now I’ve got to think about my laptop as well. Something is bound to go wrong now, I can just sense it. And everybody will look at me…it’ll be a disaster.

Furthermore, if I’m bringing my Xbox (or more likely, my hard drive) along with me, I’m going to have to deal with that too. Suddenly I have to take my belt and shoes off, put my laptop out and my hard drive. Ugh. Not impressed.

But, I suppose, so long as I have everything safe and sound on the other end, it will be worth it.

Now I’ve just got to figure out what else I’m taking, and whether I’m going to use two suitcases for the trip so I can leave some of my stuff with Vanna to make it easier for when I move over permanently. How fun will that be, lumping around two suitcases and a rucksack around the airport? I can’t wait…

25 days left!


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