So. Much. Dust!

How sodding typical. After a week of sunny, albeit, windy weather, the one day where we need it to be somewhat warm and pleasant, it decides to do the opposite.  Today was cold and rainy. Thanks…nature.

I should explain. We’ve discovered a few, uh, problems, since we moved into a new house. One particular issue was the wiring. The bathroom, for example, wasn’t earthed. Ha. Isn’t that safe? Every time I’ve had a shower there has been the risk of, well, death by electrocution. What a great game of Russian Roulette that has been.

Anyway, we decided (quite sensibly) this should be something that should be dealt with sooner rather than later, so the builder/electrician have been in today to sort it out. It is a three-day project as they are replacing all the wiring in the house, putting in new sockets (my room only has one single plug while I need to power 10 different devices; work that one out), changing the lights and then plastering over all the holes they’ve made in the walls.

As you can imagine, this has caused some disruption. Namely, I was kicked out of my bedroom at 8am this morning, and I’ve only just got back into now. I had to spend the day in the sun room which, as the name suggests, is only really enjoyable when there is some, you know,  sun. But today (this is where the ‘how sodding typical’ sentence comes in) it was nowhere to be seen, and as a result it was damn cold in there. Cold and miserable. We couldn’t put the fire on, and because the rest of the house was pretty much off-limits, I couldn’t grab any blankets either. The only consolation was that I had full access to the kitchen, so I could grab food or drink whenever I needed to.

Otherwise it was just hour after hour of sitting around, bored out of my tiny. No electricity, no internet (I had a dongle but I gave up after five minutes of it freezing up) and I couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep. And no, I couldn’t leave or do something else because I was entrusted with the job of looking after Splat. Why? Well, because the front door was open for the builders, and the gate separating the back garden (where Splat is allowed) and the outside world (where she definitely isn’t allowed) was also open, we couldn’t just let her roam free because she’d be off making her escape before it was time for lunch.

So, I had to look after her so she didn’t get away. This consisted of me sitting on her little cat bed (two sofa cushions put together; it isn’t as bad as it sounds), getting covered (and I mean covered; Splat seemed to rub up against every part of my trousers just to spite me) with hair while I kept her entertained. Fortunately, she slept for most of the day but I wasn’t so foolish to relax. She’s like a coiled viper, is Splat. She’ll move when you least expect it. Crafty.

Anyway, I’ve got a new light in my room and six new sockets. And it’s over now. Well, for today at least. They’ll be in again on Wednesday to plaster the walls and get rid of the old socket (presumably they’ll do that before the plastering otherwise it’ll ruin the job somewhat) but hopefully that won’t cause too much disruption. I’ve already had to shift out a load of my stuff to the garage for temporary storage, while all the things that I foolishly decided to leave in my room has a lovely thick coating of dust. Seriously, houses that have been abandoned for years are cleaner than my desk right now. My bed, my desk, my shelves, my singular picture frame…all covered. I’ve washed my hands twice and they still feel dusty. Urgh. My hair too, has suffered. It is more tangled than Splat’s fluff when she’s been out in the rain (yeah, that’s my fault BUT next Monday it’ll be gone).

Ah well. It will be worth it, I suppose, to have proper wiring in my bedroom. What is a little bit of disarray when you know you are no longer at risk of electrocuting yourself when you try to charge your laptop? Of course, I won’t get to appreciate it as I won’t be here for much longer. Furthermore, I found out just before that, the reason for all these new sockets in my room is not so that I can use my Xbox, laptop et all without fear of blowing them all up, but for the model railway my dad is going to build once I leave permanently for America. Oh. I see. So much for being sad to see me go then.

AND on top of that, I have to go to the dentists tomorrow. And I hate going to the dentists. I’m going to be traveling for an hour on the bus just to be told to brush my teeth a little more thoroughly. Urgh.

But there is one little fact that never fails to cheer me up: 12 more days until America!




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