No Internet And No Family…How Will I Survive?

So my dad and my step mother Sue have gone down to Nottingham for a few days away, leaving me to look after the house and Splat. In some ways I’m happy to be alone, as it means I can prepare myself for the States (I get used to doing all the chores and I can pack my suitcase in the living room, where there is more space) and have some peace and quiet at the same time.

However, there are a few disadvantages…


What, I have to make my own meals? Outrageous! This just isn’t on. First of all, that means I have to go into the kitchen and actually do something other than grab some bread and make a sandwich. I know! I have to turn the oven on, wait a bit, put my food in, check on my food and then serve it at the right time. That’s loads of stuff to do! Bah!

And, if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m not even able to really enjoy my meals, because, after every mouthful of whatever I’ve cooked, there were two words repeating over and over on an endless loop in the back of my mind: Food Poisoning.

You see,  I can follow the instructions down to the letter, but I still think something is going to wrong. You might think I’m being ridiculous, but would you eat something I gave you? Exactly. And with only four more days to go (four more days!) to go until I’m on that plane to Minnesota, it would be Sod’s law (it exists, right?) for me to get ill now.

Having said that, I’ve cooked two meals so far and I feel perfectly fine…I think.

Uh, maybe I’ll stick to something cold tomorrow…


Yes, it is only going to be a few nights, and yes, I’m used to my own company so this is no big deal, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy living in an empty house. Even if I don’t talk to anybody, it’s nice to have people around. Here, I just have Splat and she’s already got sick of me and went out into the garden.

Furthermore, I’m once again using a dongle (a long story) so I can’t Skype Vanna and more importantly, I can’t play anything on Xbox Live. That’s two forms of entertainment immediately unavailable to me. What am I supposed to do instead?

Hmm. I suppose I’ll switch on the T.V and hope that I can find something interesting to watch. Maybe on the 500+ channels there will be at least one thing that will catch my eye.

*sigh* I have so many problems in life…

Speak to you all later (unless I do give myself food poisoning and end up dying a horrible, painful death, of course).



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