Just A Quick Post…

…to tell you that I am still alive (yay! My cooking didn’t kill me!) and despite the odds, I’m surviving perfectly fine on my own. See, I can be independent…yeah.

Anyway, that’s all I have time to say. I started packing my suitcase today (FYI: I hate packing) and well, it isn’t going to plan. I’ve managed to get my t-shirts, hoodies (stupid snow means I’ll need to bring some winter wear) and trousers packed up, but unfortunately there is no space for my toiletries, shoes, socks or, uh, underwear. And I think all of those things are fairly important so I’m going to have to restart the whole packing process. Urgh.

This, of course, wouldn’t be so bad because, hey, I’ve got two days to get it right. Plenty of time!

Yeah…then I talked to Vanna. And suddenly there are a load of other things I need to bring.  Warmer trousers, some books for her, an outfit I can wear for a wedding (not ours; that won’t be happening just yet)…just, not cool Vanna. I’m already struggling to fit everything I need into the suitcase (did I mention how much I hate packing) without you adding to my workload. Bah!

So, I really should get back to that. Otherwise I’ll end up leaving it until Friday night and that will only lead to disaster. Like, three months living without pants, or socks. And needless to say, that won’t be pretty.

Right, I’ll speak to you all later. Scroll down to see a picture of the meal I made yesterday. Not bad, eh?


Spicy Chicken, Herby Potatoes and a slice of toast...because I'm greedy.
Spicy Chicken, Herby Potatoes and a slice of toast…because I’m greedy.




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